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How to Approve a Pending Agency

If your site requires site-manager approval of pending agencies, you'll have two ways of knowing when a new agency has signed up and requires review and approval:

  • If you are the primary site manager, you'll be notified by email.
  • From your site manager panel, you'll see a number in parentheses next to Agencies in the Volunteerism section of your sidebar menu. The number indicates how many agencies are pending and need review.

To view the pending agency, click on the number in parentheses. You'll be taken to a table showing any agencies on your site that are pending.


To review and approve the agency:

  1. Click on the agency name to open its profile.
  2. Review the profile as needed.
  3. From the Status dropdown near the top of the profile page, select Active.
  4. Click one of the Submit Agency buttons.

Once the agency has been approved, its agency manager(s) will receive the "New Agency Approval" notification, informing them that their agency has been approved and providing a link for them to return to their agency management area. To learn more about how you can customize automated notifications, click here.

ImportantSuccessful Connect sites are those that have engaged agency managers. To help ensure that your agency managers are knowledgeable about your software and able to use it effectively, encourage them to attend one of Galaxy Digital's agency training webinars.

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