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Coming Soon: Changes to Your Connect Interface

Following a series of site usability tests, combined with feedback from site users, Galaxy Digital is making several changes to the Connect user interface. These changes will make your Connect platform more intuitive for volunteers and new users. 

Starting April 2, 2018, you'll see the following changes to the look and feel of your Connect platform.

Site Landing Page

Several improvements are being made to the look and feel of the Connect site landing page.

New Button: Volunteer Now

The "Find" feature is being replaced by a Volunteer Now button. When a user clicks this button, they'll be taken your site's listing of available needs. This change to the landing page will make it easier for potential volunteers and new users to find opportunities from the start.

The button color will be the primary color specified in your site settings, and the button's wording can be overridden with wording of your choice. Contact our Customer Care team to request a language override.

Note: The wording of the "Click here to register your organization" link, shown above, can also be overridden. Click here for our list of available language overrides.

More Comprehensive View of Dashboard Features

According to feedback we received from our clients, logged-out volunteers could see the Find option, but they couldn't see the other items (additional spotlights, image rotator, list of recent needs, etc.) that were available.

Starting April 2, the "home page map" area will have a decreased height, which will allow the information below it to be more visible. (Click image for a larger view.)


Note: If your site uses an image in place of the home page map, be aware that you may need to adjust the image, as the available space will be smaller.

Note: Note also that the "Get Involved" message, the Volunteer Now button, and the Click here to register your organization link are grouped on a white background. This is also a feature of the new look and feel.

Clearer Communication to Logged-Out Users

A site user must be logged in to successfully respond to a need, fan an agency, or RSVP to an event. If a user is not logged in but clicks to do one of these things, they will now be shown the following pop-up, which gives them the option to sign up or log in:


Note: The colors shown on the pop-up will reflect the primary and secondary colors specified in your platform's site settings. If your site does not allow signup, only the Log In button will be shown.

Previously, users were taken straight to the sign up/log in page, and it wasn't clear why they were being taken there. With this change, they'll understand that signing up or logging in is necessary in order to complete their action, whether responding to a need, fanning an agency, or responding to an event.

Easier Management of Need Responses

Whether a volunteer wishes to edit a need response, add hours, or unregister from a need, they can now take any of those actions from their My Responses area by selecting from the applicable Options dropdown. In addition, the Check In/Out option is available for shift needs. (Click image for a larger view.)


Note: When the Unregister option is clicked, the volunteer will be asked to confirm their unregistration before their response is removed.

Previously, the Unregister option was only available if you revisited the need posting. Users reported that it is more intuitive to have that option grouped with the other available options described above.

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