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Managing Your Site's Agency Accounts

This article is for Connect site managers.

Listed below are links to agency-related topics covered here and elsewhere.

Adding a New Agency

To add an agency from the administrative end of Get Connected:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Agencies in your manager panel.
  2. Click Add New Agency.
  3. Complete all applicable fields. Fields are identical to those that an agency manager would complete, with the following exceptions: 
Status Select Active to activate the agency on the site. To create the agency record without making the it publicly visible, select Pending.
Primary Manager (required)

Begin typing the name of the agency manager. If that person already has a Get Connected account, you'll see their name appear so you can select it.

Note: A person must have a Get Connected account in order to be an agency manager.

Partner Agency Used to indicate partner agencies; internal use only
Tags Categories that can later be used for filtering
Comments   Administrative comments; internal use only
  1. Click Submit Agency to save your changes.

Changing an Agency's Status

Agency statuses include active, inactive, pending, and imported. To change an agency's status:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Agencies.
  2. Click on the name of the agency.
  3. From the Status dropdown on the agency page (under the Basic Information heading), select a new status.
  4. Click one of the Submit Agency buttons to save your changes.

To view all agencies with a certain status, go to Volunteerism > Agencies and select a status from the dropdown at the top of the Status column.


Your Connect platform will display all agencies with the selected status.

Note: This article covers the specific process for deactivating an agency.

Importing Agency Data

If your site is switching to Get Connected from another volunteer management system, you probably already have a database of participating agencies. If you want to have your area's agencies imported into our system, contact us to get an agency-importing template.

Note: At a minimum, your agency-importing spreadsheet will need to include columns for the following:

  • Agency name
  • Agency manager's first name
  • Agency manager's last name

Exporting Agency Data into a Spreadsheet

You can export various types of agency data into a spreadsheet. There is a wealth of agency-related data in Reports, as well as in the agency management section of the manager panel.

Note: It's necessary to have a spreadsheet application (such as Excel) on your computer in order to use the Export function.

To export all agency data:

  1. From the manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Agencies. You'll see a table showing all active agencies.
  2. Click Export Agencies (located just above the right-hand column).

Get Connected transfers the agency data into a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet may or may not open automatically, depending on your application.

Viewing and Contacting an Agency's Fans

You have a couple of options for viewing and contacting an agency’s fans: from the agency's profile page, or through the Email Blast tool.

To view an agency’s fans:

  1. From the manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Agencies.
  2. From the list of active agencies provided, click the name of the agency to view.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, or click the Agency Fans link in the top-right corner to see a list of fans.

To contact the individuals listed:

  1. Click Email Fans. The Email Blast tool opens automatically.
  2. Write the email and complete all other applicable fields.
  3. Click Send Email Blast.

Viewing Needs by Agency

Get Connected offers two ways of viewing needs by agency:

  • Go to Volunteerism > Needs, where needs are listed. You can use the search and sort features to group needs by agency..
  • Go to Volunteerism > Agencies and click on an agency name. Next, click View Needs in the top-right corner, or scroll to the bottom of the page to see a table listing needs. Click on a need to view it.

Ensuring that Agencies Complete Their Profiles

It’s easy to encourage your agency managers to complete their agency profile pages. To see which agencies’ pages are incomplete:

  1. From the manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Agencies.
  2. Click Incomplete Agencies.

The list that appears shows the name of each incomplete agency. The columns, shown here, display the types of information required for a complete profile. A red triangle with an exclamation point indicates a missing element.

To send agency managers a reminder that their agency profiles are incomplete, click the Notify Agency Managers button on the right side of the screen.

Using the Email Blast to Message Agency Managers

You can use the email blast to message your agency managers. When you send a message via the email blast, it is sent to your agency managers' email inboxes and their in-app messaging inboxes.

Here are the filters you would use to email agency managers in some common categories:

  • To message everyone who is an agency manager: Volunteer > Agency Manager > Is an Agency Manager. You can select Is not an Agency Manager to message the users on your site who do not have agency-manager status.
  • To message all agency managers whose agencies' needs have responses from a certain user group: Agency > User Groups > has responses by group > [user group]. Here is an example:
  • To message all agency managers who added new needs before, on, or after a selected date: Agency > Date New Need Added > after > [date]. Here is an example:
  • To message all agency managers with partner status: Agency > Partner Status > is partner. Note that you can also message agency managers who do not have partner status.
  • To message all agency managers who have opportunities that are part of a selected initiative: Agency > Initiatives > has used initiative > [initiative]. Here is an example:
  • To message all agency managers whose agencies are associated with a selected cause: Agency > Causes > has cause > [cause]. Here is an example:

To message all agency managers involved in an advanced event, you would not use the user filter, but would instead go to the Agencies tab of your advanced event.

Click here to learn more about using the email blast and the user filter.

Managing Agency-Manager Data

A site manager can add, delete, and edit an agency manager’s information. In addition, an admin can assign primary agency-manager status and assume the agency manager’s identity in order to see how how the front end of the site looks to the agency manager.

As shown in the image above, agency managers' names are visible at the top of the agency profile page.

Adding an Agency Manager

In order to be an agency manager, an individual must have a Get Connected user account. To add a manager to an agency:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Agencies.
  2. Begin typing the person’s first or last name. If the individual has a Get Connected account, his or her name will show up in a selection box, as shown here.
  3. Select the new agency manager’s name from the selection box.
  4. Click Submit Agency to save your changes.

Deleting an Agency Manager

When you “delete” an agency manager, you are simply deleting that person from the list of the agency’s managers. The individual’s user account is not affected; there is no chance that you will remove a user by deleting him or her from an agency’s manager list.

To remove an agency manager from an agency profile:

  1. Open the agency profile from Volunteerism > Agencies.
  2. Click the X next to the agency manager's name link to the right of the agency manager’s name.

You will not be asked to confirm the deletion, but you do have to click the Submit Agencies button to save the change.

Important: Be sure to assign a new primary agency manager before removing the old one.

Note: All users designated as agency managers have the tag agency manager added to their profile. Even if you take away a person’s agency-manager status, that tag remains in the profile.

Assigning Primary Agency Manager Status

Each agency profile lists a single primary agency manager, plus any other secondary managers assigned. As an admin, you can determine which agency manager is to be designated primary.

To assign primary status to an agency manager:

  1. From your manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Agencies.
  2. Click agency's name to open its profile. In the Agency Managers section, note that one agency manager has a solid star while the others have clear stars. The solid star indicates the primary agency manager.
  3. Click on an agency manager's clear star to make them the primary.
  4. Click Submit Agency to save your changes.

Note: From the public site, the primary agency manager can add and delete secondary managers and can also assign primary status to another manager; however, once a person is no longer the primary, he or she cannot make further changes to other managers’ statuses.

Assuming an Agency Manager’s Identity

As an admin, you can explore the Get Connected site under the guise of any registered user. To assume the identity of an agency manager, open the agency profile in Volunteerism > Agencies and click the Assume icon for the agency manager’s name.

Notes: To reassume your own identity on the site, log out and log back in.

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