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Agency Managers: How to Log Volunteer Hours

Important: This article concerns Get Connected Version 2.6. Your site might not be seeing this feature because it is not using 2.6. Click here if you are using an earlier version of the platform.

This article is geared toward agency managers using Get Connected 2.0. It covers the following topics:

Volunteer hours are managed under the Time Tracking tab in edit mode.

Adding Volunteer Hours

To add volunteer hours for someone who volunteered for your agency:

  1. From the agency manager view, click Time Tracking.
  2. Under the Hour Type heading, select the applicable need from the Need dropdown. Note that the need title and date appear after you've selected the need.
  3. Select the name of the volunteer from the Volunteer dropdown. Note that the volunteer's email address and response date are displayed.
  4. Complete the Date Volunteered, Hours Worked, Miles Traveled, and Description fields, as applicable. Note that the first two fields are required.
  5. Click Submit Hour Entry to save your work.

Adding Anonymous Hours

Anonymous hours are volunteer hours submitted on behalf of volunteers who are not associated with a particular user account in Get Connected. If your site allows submission of anonymous hours, and agency manager can submit hours for:

  • Groups of volunteers who may or may not have Get Connected accounts
  • Volunteers who do not have a Get Connected account

Of course, you should encourage your volunteers to open a Get Connected account so that they can log their own hours. If a user doesn't have an email address or otherwise does not want to open an account, you can still log their hours. Anonymous hours show up in administrative reports but cannot be applied to individual volunteer résumés.

To log anonymous hours as an agency manager:

  1. From your agency manager view, click Time Tracking.
  2. Under the Hour Type heading, select the applicable need.
  3. Select Add Anonymous Hours from the Volunteer dropdown.
  4. Complete the applicable fields. Use the Description field to provide any relevant information about the names of the volunteers, the number of volunteers, etc.
  5. Click Submit Hour Entry to save your work.

Note: Anonymous hours show up in administrative reports but cannot be applied to individual volunteer résumés.

Approving and Declining Volunteer Hours

Before you can approve a volunteer’s hours, the volunteer must respond to a need and submit his or her hours related to that need (via the user’s My Profile page). As the agency manager, you will receive an email notifying you that hours need to be approved.

To approve (or decline) volunteer hours:

  1. Go to the gray Time Tracking tab in edit mode. You will see a list of need responses, along with Pending statuses in the table shown.
  2. Approve or decline the hours as applicable. To approve or decline hours for one person, select Approved (or Declined) from the Status dropdown. To approve or decline hours from more than one volunteer, check the boxes for the volunteers and then click the applicable button above the table.
  3. Click Yes to confirm.

All approved hours are available for viewing under the gray Stats heading in your agency manager view; see Viewing Agency Statistics for more information.

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