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Automated Notification Messages

Important: This article applies to all Connect site administrators.

Automated notification messages are triggered by specific events; for example, when a volunteer responds to a need, two notifications are sent: one to the volunteer, and one to the agency manager. Templates for these messages are stored in the Manager Panel, where you can access them for viewing, editing, and management.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

For Corporate Connect and Campus Connect administrators, this article also includes instructions on updating your templates to match those of the hub you are associated with.

Note: Click here for our index of templates, which includes links to learn about the various templates. Notification templates, when triggered, are sent both via email and to the user's in-app messaging mailbox.

Accessing Notification Templates

Notification templates are stored in the Communication area of the navigation menu, located on the left-hand side of the manager panel.

To access them, click Notifications. Here's an example of what you'll see:

Note: The templates table shows each template’s name, description, type, and status. You can sort the listing by clicking the column headers.

Viewing and Editing Notification Templates

As Site Manager, you can view the text of any notification template. If you wish to change the content of a template, you can do so.

Viewing a Template

Click on the name of a template to view it. On the screen that is displayed, you’ll see several fields and pieces of information:

Status Templates are active by default; select Inactive to deactivate a template.
Title Used by Galaxy Digital to identify the templates; cannot be edited.
Name Used by Galaxy Digital to identify the templates; cannot be edited.
Type Module with which the template is associated; cannot be edited.
Description Explanation of what's included in the template and what triggers it; cannot be edited.
Subject The message's subject line.
Message The text of the message.
Template Keys Template keys are codes that are replaced with specific information to better personalize the message. If you wish to edit or otherwise change template key codes, contact us with your request.

Editing a Template

The templates are worded to apply to any number of Connect sites. Because your site is unique, you may want to make changes so that the templates better reflect your organization's platform. For example, you might want to add links, images, or greetings that contribute to the impression you wish to convey to your agency managers and volunteers.

Static Elements of the Templates

Before editing a template, it's important to know which elements of the templates cannot be changed. Those elements are listed here:

  • Template title, name, type, and description
  • Text of template keys
  • Presence of a template key (For example, if your template does not include an "event_name" key, you can't add that key to your template.)

If you do want changes to the template elements listed above, please contact us.

Steps for Customizing a Template

To edit an automated notification template:

  1. Open the template list in your manager panel by clicking Communication > Notifications.
  2. Click on the title of a template to open it.
  3. Make changes to the editable fields as desired. For information using the text editor, see "The Text Editor (WYSIWYG Editor)".

    Notes:  You can use only the template keys available for the template you're working on. Changing the text of a template key will corrupt the coding of the template.
    While it is possible to copy and paste text from another program (such as Word), we recommend waiting until you have pasted the text into the Text Editor before formatting it (adding bold text, italics, etc.). Pasting heavily formatted text can result in formatting inconsistencies in the final, emailed message.

  4. Click Submit to save your changes.

Managing Your Site's Notification Templates

Once you have changed a template, you have the option of restoring the text to the default. In addition, you have these additional options:

Custom Signature

Once you have created your custom signature, you must specify that you want it to be included in a message by adding the "signature" template key.

Creating a Custom Signature

To create a custom signature:

  1. Access notification templates from the Manager Panel by going to Communication > Notifications.
  2. Click the Signature tab.
  3. In the Email Signature field displayed, enter the signature you wish to use.
  4. Click Update.

Note: Use the formatting buttons to copy from another document, edit your text, add images, or add HTML elements.

Applying the Custom Signature

To apply your custom signature to a template:

  1. Access notification templates from the Manager Panel by going to Communication > Notification Templates.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the template message, and place your cursor at the spot where you want the signature to begin.
  3. Click the "Signature" template key, located in the list of template keys to the right. As shown below, the template key will appear in the message.
  4. Click Submit.

The custom signature will now appear in the designated space when the message for this template is sent.

Resetting to the Default Template

To change an edited template to the default, go to Communication > Notification templates and click the Reset icon for the template you wish to restore.

Click Yes to confirm the reset.

Knowing When a Template Has Been Updated

Occasionally, Galaxy Digital will update the default text of a template or will change the default title for clarity. If a change is made, you'll see a "thumbs up" icon under the Update column for the template.

To update your own template to match Galaxy Digital's, click the Reset icon.

Important: If you have already customized a template, be aware that updating the template will cause you to lose your customized version. If you want to see the updates but don't want to lose your version of it, copy and paste it to another location before updating.

Deactivating a Template

Templates can be deactivated, either permanently or temporarily. To deactivate a template, select Inactive from the Status dropdown for that template.

To reactivate a template, select Active from the applicable dropdown.

Note: Notification templates apply for both emails and in-app messaging. In other words, if you deactivate a template, the message will no longer be sent via email or to the user's in-app messaging mailbox.

Connect Sites: Updating Templates to Match Your Hub

As a Corporate Connect or Campus Connect site, you may want to ensure that the messages being sent from your site are identical to those being sent from the United Way or volunteer center to which your site is connected.

To update your templates:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Notifications in your manager panel.
  2. Click the Update Templates menu item.
  3. From the Source Domain dropdown, select the hub whose templates you want your site to use.
  4. Click Update Templates.
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  • Avatar
    Carol Ross

    Looking to find out if I can send a notification to just one user who says she did not receive it when her agency account was activated.

  • Avatar
    Nina Rogers

    Hi, Carol,

    You cannot typically re-send an automated notification, as they have to be triggered by an action. You can, however, switch her account status back to "imported" and then re-activate and re-send the email. Before you do that, I encourage you to let us know about this at Please send the name of the agency and the agency manager, and we'll try to figure out what happened with that email.

    Nina Rogers

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