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Viewing Data in the Get Connected Manager Panel

This article applies to all Connect site administrators.

Most data in the Get Connected manager panel is presented in tables that can be both sorted and filtered.

Sorting Data

To sort a column of data in alphabetical order or by amount, ZIP code, status, etc., click on the arrows at the top of the column.

In the above example, items are sorted alphabetically by company name. Explanations of the arrow icons are listed below.

Arrow Direction Example Meaning
Pointing down Data sorted in alphabetical order; if numbers, data sorted by lowest number; if dates, data sorted by earliest date
Pointing up Data sorted in the reverse alphabetical order; if numbers, data sorted by highest number; if dates, data sorted by most recent date
Pointing both ways Data is not being sorted in any way.

Note: Tables can only be sorted by one column at a time.

Filtering Data

When you filter data, you view only the information you want to see and hide what isn't currently relevant to you. Get Connected's manager panel allows you to pick and choose what data appears in any table.

To see what data is available in a table, click the Table Filter, located just above the table on the right-hand side.

The table filter displays what can be shown in the table and indicates which columns are currently displayed.

In the above example, the table is showing all available fields except Contact.

To add a column to a table, mark the box for that column. To hide it, clear the box. To hide the filter, click Table Filter again.

Note: Exporting the data will give you access to additional columns. For example, the company export includes address and additional company manager data that is not available in the table.

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