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Custom Causes and Interests

This article applies to Connect site administrators.

About Causes and Interests

Your Get Connected site has 16 causes that can be applied to agencies, and 16 interests that can be applied to needs. Click the links below to learn about the default causes and interests available in Get Connected:

If the default causes and interests do not meet your organization's needs, you have a couple of options:

  • Create new causes and interests
  • Use clusters as supplemental categories

Click here to learn how to create custom causes and interests. Click here for information on using clusters.

Custom Causes and Interests

Causes and interests are added in Site Settings. From your admin panel, click Settings, located in the top right-hand area of your screen, and click either the Causes or Interests as applicable. You'll see a list of default designations under the tab you selected, along with the number of agencies (or needs) that have selected the cause (or interest).

In this example, we're seeing the Causes, which lists the default interests for needs.

Adding a Custom Cause or Interest

Now that you've accessed the proper tab, you'll need to take three main steps to add your custom cause or interest:

  1. Remove an existing cause or interest (to make room for the new item)
  2. Add the new cause or interest
  3. Assign an icon

Remove an Existing Cause or Interest

To remove an existing cause or interest:

  1. Clear the checkbox to the left the item to be removed.
    Click Submit. (If removing a custom cause or interest, click OK to confirm the item's removal.)

Add the New Cause or Interest

By removing an existing item, you've opened up the necessary spot for a new one. To add a new cause or interest:

  1. Enter the name of the new designation into the text box above the table.

    This admin is creating a new cause titled "Homelessness."

  2. Click Add New. The new item is added to the bottom of the list, as shown here:
  3. Click Submit to save this change.

Assign an Icon

When you click Submit (step 3 above), the Color and Icon columns are populated with additional options. At this point, you can select both the icon for the interest and the color of that icon.


The default color for the icon is white (hex code #ffffff). To select a new color:

  1. Click in the text box to open the color selector.
  2. Select a color (or enter a hex code) and click OK.

Note: Click here for more information on the color selector in Get Connected.


To select an icon:

  1. Click Pick an icon to view all of the available icons.
  2. Select the desired icon.
  3. Click Submit.

An agency manager will now be able to see (and select) this new category when adding an agency or need to your Get Connected platform.

Corporate Connect and Campus Connect Sites

If you are a Corporate Connect or Campus Connect site sharing data with a Get Connected hub, you can use any custom causes or interests that the hub has added to their site. Those custom causes and interests will appear at the bottom of the applicable table in your Site Settings. If you want to use any custom causes or interests—whether created on your site or adopted from the Get Connected hub—you will need to first remove one of your default causes or interests so that you have a total of sixteen each.

Click here to learn more about data sharing between Get Connected hubs and Corporate and Campus Connect sites.

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