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Volunteer Check-in

Volunteer Check-in is available to agency managers using Get Connected 2.0 and later versions. With Volunteer Check-in:

  • Volunteers can electronically "check in" when they arrive at the site of a volunteer opportunity.
  • Agency managers can electronically check volunteers in as needed.
  • When a volunteer "checks out" of the opportunity, Get Connected automatically assigns and approves the volunteer hours to that volunteer.
  • If the volunteer forgets to "check out," Get Connected still assigns and approves volunteer hours based on the number of hours specified previously by the agency manager.

Note: With Volunteer Check-in, there is no need for the volunteer to manually log their hours, and no need for the agency manager to later approve them. It's all done automatically!

This article explains how to use Volunteer Check-in. If you have further questions about this feature, you can click here to contact our Customer Care team.

Rather watch the movie? Check out this video on Volunteer Check-in.

Accessing Volunteer Check-in

All agency managers using Get Connected 2.0 have access to the check-in feature. To access it:

  1. Log into Get Connected and click My Agency to open your agency management area.
  2. Click Check-in.
  3. If you manage more than one agency, select the applicable agency from the options provided.

Selecting A Need

Once you have opened Volunteer Check-in and selected an agency (if applicable), you will see all of the active needs posted by your agency. They will show up in two formats, depending on whether you have entered a duration for the need.

  • Needs with a duration - If the Duration field has been completed in the posted need, the need is ready for check-in. You can click Individual to allow volunteers to sign themselves in, or List to sign volunteers in yourself.
  • Needs with no duration - If no duration has been entered for a need, you must provide one. Type the number of hours of the need and click Add. The screen will update to display the Individual and List options for the need.

- A duration is required for automatic logging of volunteer hours.
- If you will be using Volunteer Check-in for multiple needs at the same time, you can right-click the Individual or List button as applicable to open the sign-in pages in new tabs.

Volunteer Check-in: Volunteer Perspective

To set your computer or mobile device up for volunteer check-ins, click the Individual option below the need title. This opens the check-in page for volunteers.

Note: Because volunteers will be using this page, your utility bar, navigation menu, and other Get Connected features are not visible on this page.

Checking In To a Volunteer Opportunity

To check in, the volunteer should type the email associated with their account into the Email field and then click Find My Account.

  • If the volunteer already has an account, the system lets them know that it has identified their account. They will need to click the Found You! button to complete their check-in

    Note: If the volunteer did not previously respond to the need, the system creates a need response for them at the time of check-in.

  • If the volunteer does not already have an account, they will be asked to provide their first and last name before checking in.

    Once they've clicked to register, Get Connected creates an account for them and sends an email welcoming them to Get Connected and inviting them to return to the site to complete a user profile.

Checking Out of a Volunteer Opportunity

Checking out of a volunteer opportunity is just as simple as checking in! The volunteer should repeat the process of entering their email address into the Email field, just as they did to check in. Once the system finds their email address, it provides a button that the volunteer can click to check out.

Once the volunteer checks out, volunteer hours are automatically submitted for them. For more information on how volunteer hours are calculated at this time, see Volunteer Check-in: Volunteer Hours.

Checking In: Agency Manager Perspective

As an agency manager, you can check volunteers in as they arrive to the volunteer opportunity. To do this, click the List option for the need.

Get Connected displays a list of all users who have responded to the need. The list shows the users' names (in alphabetical order by last name), email addresses, associated teams (as applicable), and an indication of whether or not they have already checked in.

Note that there is a check box to the left of each volunteer who has not checked in.

To check in volunteers, mark the boxes to the left of their names and click the Check In Users button. Once the volunteers have been checked in, the check box will disappear and "No" will be changed to "Yes" under the Checked In column.

Note: Agency managers can only check in those volunteers who have already responded to the need. If the volunteer has not responded previously, they must check themselves in. This applies whether or not the volunteer is already a registered user on the site.

Volunteer Check-in: Volunteer Hours

Get Connected automatically logs volunteer hours for volunteers who have checked in to an opportunity using the Volunteer Check-in feature.

  • When the volunteer checks out of the opportunity, Get Connected calculates the time volunteered and applies it to their volunteer hours.
  • If the volunteer does not check out of the opportunity within 24 hours, Get Connected credits the user with hours equal to the need duration. For example, if the duration is three hours, three volunteer hours are added to the volunteer's record.

Note: Using the example of a need with a three-hour duration, a volunteer who checks out early will not get credit for the full three hours. A volunteer who checks out after three hours (but within 24 hours) will get credit for more than three hours.

Hours are automatically approved; the agency manager does not have to review or manually approve them.

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