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Your Connect Site's User-Registration Form

This article applies to all Connect site administrators.

As the Site Manager for your Connect site, you have several options for user registrations on your site:

  • Indicate which email domains are allowed to have accounts on your site
  • Decide what information your users must enter in order to join the site
  • Of that information, decide which fields (if any) should be mandatory
  • Add custom registration fields

This article covers the following topics:

Note: If you system uses single sign-on (SSO) and you're concerned that the registration options aren't clear for you students, agency managers, and other volunteers, you can contact support to request that instructions be added to the registration page.

Accessing User Registration Controls

User registration fields are controlled from your manager panel. To access this part of your manager panel, click Settings in utility bar and select User Registration.

Note: Once you have made changes to the items in this area, remember to click the applicable button to submit your changes.

User Registration Permissions

If, for any reason, you wish to limit registrations to a particular email domain (for example, if you are a corporation using Corporate Connect and want only your employees to be able to sign up), you can specify registration permissions. Only those users with the email suffixes you enter will be able to open an account on your site.

To set user registration permissions:

  1. From your manager panel, click Settings and select User Registration.
  2. Type the accepted email suffix into the User Registration Permissions field and click to save it.

    Note: An email suffix is the part of an email address beginning with the @ symbol. For example, in the email address, the email suffix is

  3. Repeat Step 2 for additional accepted email suffixes.

Once you have saved permissions, anyone who attempts to sign up for your site and does not have an accepted email suffix will be told that they cannot sign up.

Note: If no permissions are set, anyone can sign up for your site, regardless of email suffix.

Registration Process Options

Your Connect site's default user registration includes steps for selecting causes, selecting interests, and selecting agencies, as described here. These steps take just a minute to complete, and they are valuable because they make it easier for the system to match users up with the agencies and volunteer opportunities that they're likely to be interested in.

If you want to give users the option of bypassing these steps, go to the User Registration area of Site Settings and select Users may skip steps during registration.

Once this option has been selected and saved, users who register for your site will see a "Click here" link to skip the registration steps and go directly to their dashboards.


Note: To make the most of your Connect site's volunteer-matching functionality, we recommend not allowing users to skip steps during registration.

Click here to see a video of how this option looks to a volunteer.

Standard Registration Options

Listed below are the registration options that are available on all Connect sites:

  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Address 1 and Address 2
  • City, State, and Zip Code
  • County
  • Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Contact if disaster?
  • Gender
  • Birth Date
  • Household Income
  • Age Range
  • Department
  • Role

Note: For Household Income, Age Range, Department, and Role, users select from a dropdown list. As a Site Manager, you can specify what is in the dropdown list for the Department and Role fields. Click here to learn more.

To make a field available, mark the box in the Enable column for that field. To make a field required, mark the box in the Required column for that field. If you do not want the field to be part of the user-registration page, make sure both checkboxes are cleared. (In the example below, Company is an available (but not a required field) and Address 1 is a required field. The Job Title field will not be available at all on the registration form.)

Note: If a question is required, all new users will have to answer it before completing their registration. In the case where you already have existing users before requiring a question, those users will be shown the question whenever they try to respond to a need, RSVP to an event, or fan an agency.

Department and Role

The Department and Role fields are particularly useful for Corporate Connect sites but can be used activated on any Connect site. Because role titles and department names vary among organizations, these dropdown fields are customizable. Note that, in the listing of standard registration options, Department and Role include a link to Manage Options.

To specify options:

  1. Click Manage Options for the applicable field. You will be taken to a page the lists your existing options for that field, as shown in this example.
  2. Type an option into the Add Category field. In the above example, the Site Manager has typed "Administration."
  3. Click Add. The new option will now show up in the applicable dropdown on the user registration form.

Note: To edit or delete an option, click the the applicable Edit or Delete icon to the right of the option name.

Custom Registration Options

You can add an unlimited number of custom fields to your user registration page.

Important: While you do have that option, keep in mind that too many fields can discourage a potential volunteer from completing their registration.

To create a custom field, you will use the custom field builder, shown below.

Complete the fields as applicable. Fields are described below.

Field Type Select the field type. For more information on the available field types, click here. 
Export Label When data is exported into a spreadsheet, each item of data goes into a particular column. User this field to enter the column title for this registration item.
Question Enter the question to be asked on the form.
This is a required field Mark this box to make this item mandatory.

Field Types

You have five options for field types.

Field Type Description Example
Small Text Text field for short answers  
Large Text Text field for longer answers  
Dropdown A single answer is chosen from a dropdown list   
Checkbox One or more answers can be selected  
Radio Button A single answer is chosen by clicking it  

Defining Options for Multiple-Answer Questions

The dropdown, checkbox, and radio button field types require that you offer two or more options for the user to select from. When you select one of these options from the Field Type dropdown, an additional field is automatically displayed.

Type one option per line into the Field Options box. In the example above, for the question "How did you find us?", the Site Manager has entered two options so far: Search engine and Social network. Because this is a checkbox field type, the user will be able to select all options that apply.

Accessing Answers to Custom Registration Questions

You can access your volunteers' answers to custom registration questions in two ways:

  • View data for an individual volunteer: Go to Volunteerism > Users and click on the user to view. Once their profile is displayed, scroll to the Extra Data section at the bottom of the page.
  • View data for multiple volunteers: In Volunteerism > Users, run an export of users. You can export all users, or run a user filter and export a selected group. Answers to custom questions appear in the "Extra Data" column of the export.
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