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Service Learning Module: The Basics

Get Connected's Service Learning Module (SLM) is a tool that makes it easy for school administrators to create, manage, track the impact of, and report on student service learning courses and programs. Educators and service learning program directors can efficiently communicate volunteer opportunities to the entire campus, and it's simple for students to find volunteer opportunities, respond to them, and submit their hours.

The SLM is designed for use by four different roles:

  • Get Connected/SLM administrators
  • Agency managers
  • Professors/instructors
  • Students

Below you'll find descriptions of each role's responsibilities in the module. You can click the links provided to learn more about each role, and about the various steps and procedures involved in using the SLM.

Get Connected/SLM Administrators

The administrator, or admin, is responsible for setting up the SLM for use by students, faculty, and agency managers. After setting up a block (academic period), the admin must add courses, assign agencies, and specify course settings. Click a link below for more information on the setup processes in the SLM.

The admin manages the SLM throughout the academic period and can generate various reports on the data being collected. Click a link below for more information on managing different areas of the SLM.

Agency Managers

Agency managers are responsible for posting needs and following up with students who have responded to needs. Depending on the school's requirements, they may also be responsible for approving student volunteer hours.


Professors/instructors may be responsible for providing the link for their students to access their courses in the SLM. Check out our Guide for Instructors for information on the SLM as a professor/instructor.


Students are responsible for finding volunteer opportunities, responding to them, performing the volunteer work, and submitting their hours. Check out our Guide for Students for information on using the SLM as a student.

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