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About Volunteer Impact Pages (VIPs)

Volunteer Impact Pages (VIPs) are an exciting tool available to nonprofits, educational institutions, and corporations who wish to share the impact their volunteers are having on their communities.

This article explains what VIPs are, the two types of VIPs available, and some suggestions for sharing them. When you're ready to begin building your platform's impact pages, you can click the link at the bottom of this article.

Click here to view our series of videos on VIPs.

What Are VIPs?

Volunteer Impact Pages (VIPs) are a way for you to share your volunteerism passions, successes, progress, and goals. You can use these pages to share the following types of information:

  • Volunteer information (top volunteers, volunteer hours, volunteer need responses)
  • Progress toward your volunteer-impact goals
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Spotlights
  • Links to internal and external pages

Types of VIPs

You can create two different impact pages depending on the information you wish to share, and whom you wish to share it with:

  • Volunteer Impact Page (Public) - Use this page to share your story with anyone on the Internet. No logging in is required for someone who wants to view this page.
  • Volunteer Impact Page (Internal) - Use this page to share your story with only those people who are registered users of your platform. Users will be required to log in to see this page.

    Note: For information on limiting who can register for your platform, see User Registration Permissions.

Suggestions for Sharing Your VIPs

Logged-in users can easily access your internal VIP by clicking the VIP icon in the utility bar:

Note: This icon is in the dashboard utility bar by default.

Your VIPs have specific URLs, as follows:

  • Public VIP: http://[your domain]/portal/landing/
  • Internal VIP: http://[your domain]/portal/summary/

As an example, the public VIP for would be located at

You can share your VIP links through any number of media. Keep in mind that, for an internal VIP, you'll want to include the link in places that only your internal users can access (such as a company intranet). Here is a list of examples for sharing VIPs:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • In-app notifications
  • Your Get Connected dashboard (spotlight, image rotator, etc.)
  • Your organization's blog
  • Your organization's primary website
  • Company or student intranet or other internal site
  • Newsletters
  • Board reports

Ready To Get Started?

Click here for instructions on building your platform's Volunteer Impact Pages.

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    Mel Monkelis

    The VIP seems like a good tool, but the initial detailed explanation of "how" to use it is missing a "sample" that shows the great metrics that can be shared. A video on implementing it would be even better. Thanks for the enhancements.

  • Avatar
    Nina Rogers

    Hi, Mel! You can find our VIP videos here!

    Edited by Nina Rogers
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    Nina Rogers
    Edited by Nina Rogers
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