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Video Resources for Connect Sites

Galaxy Digital offers numerous videos on the various modules. Check our our YouTube page, or click a link below to access a specific video or playlist.

Note: Most of the videos listed here are for version 2.0 and later. Click here to view the admin training videos version 2.6, released in summer 2016. Click here to skip to the version 1.0 videos.


Version 2.6 (released in summer 2016)

Upgrade Training (for site managers upgrading from 2.0 to 2.6)

Site Settings (for site managers)

Site Management (for site managers)

Advanced Events (for site managers)

Opportunity Scheduling (for agency managers)

The Agency Manager Experience (for agency managers)

The User Experience (for volunteers)


Intro to the Manager Panel

Introduction to the Site Manager (Admin) Panel

Site Settings

Updating Your Site Information

Creating Your Unique Site Design

Social Media Tools

Approvals, Volunteer and Event Settings, Surveys

County Information 

Editing and Creating Causes and Interests

Volunteer Hours: Adding Questions to the Hours-Submission Form

Agency and User Registration

Creating Spotlights for Your Site

The Image Rotator

Community Impact


Volunteer Impact Pages

Introducing Impact Pages

Building Volunteer Impact Pages

The Internal Impact Page

Advanced Events Module (AEM)

Creating an Advanced Event: Starter Steps

Adding Waivers for Volunteers and Agencies

Adding Questions for Agencies and Volunteers

Adding Agencies To Your Advanced Event

Corporate Involvement: Adding Companies

AEM - Other Perspectives

Adding Projects to an Advanced Event (for agency managers)

Service Learning Module (SLM)

Managing SLM Needs as an Admin

Creating SLM Blocks

Establishing Block Settings

Block Reporting

Adding a Course to an Existing Block

Course Settings

Adding Agencies to the Module

Managing Course Hours

Course Users

Course Reporting

SLM - Other Perspectives

SLM - Instructor Perspective

SLM - Adding SLM Needs (for agency managers)

SLM - Verifying Hours and Other Tasks (for agency managers)

SLM - Student Perspective 

Get Connected Legacy Platform (version 1.0)

Advanced Events for Site Managers (4 videos)

Agency Manager Guide (15 videos)

Tips for Volunteers (13 videos)

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