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Joining a Connect Site

Note: Rather watch the movie? Click here for a video guide to setting up your volunteer account.

Registering for a Connect Site

Ready to set up an account on a Get Connected, Campus Connect, Corporate Connect, or Community Connect site? Let's get started! Begin by going to your local Connect site and clicking the Sign Up button, located at the top of your screen.

Note: The colors on your screen may differ from those shown in the image above.

You are then taken to Step 1 of 5: Create Account.

Note: If you have a Facebook account and wish to sign up using your Facebook information, click Sign Up With Facebook and follow the instructions provided.

  1. Enter your name, email address, and any other requested or required personal information.

    Note: A first name, last name, and email address are required by default. Your site administrator may have opted to require additional fields as well.

    Note: If your site uses SMS (text) messaging, you may be asked to provide your mobile number.

  2. Type a password in both the Password and Confirm Password fields.

    Note: Passwords must be at least five characters long and are not case-sensitive.

  3. Click Create Your Account to be taken to Step 2 of 5: Select Causes, and select a minimum of three causes. Causes are used to identify and recommend agencies that may be of interest to you.

    Note: Click here to learn more about causes.

  4. Click Continue to Step 3 to be taken to Step 3: Select Interests, and select a minimum of three interests. In Get Connected, interests are used to identify and recommend specific volunteer opportunities for you to consider.

    Note: Click here to learn more about interests.

  5. Click Continue to Step 4 to be taken to Step 4: Find Agencies You Like, where you can select any agencies that you'd like to follow (or "fan") on the site.

    Note: When a fanned agency posts a new need or event, its fans are notified automatically by email.

  6. Click Finish Sign-up.

You're now an official holder of a Connect account! Check your email for a confirmation email, or just go ahead and start browsing the site for new volunteer opportunities!

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  • Avatar
    Marjorie Seymour

    What about businesses that want to create a volunteer profile? I have businesses that have volunteer committees and want to sign up, but I'm unclear.

  • Avatar
    Brenda Gutierrez

    Step 2 has image of types of causes
    How about Step 3 images of interests?

  • Avatar
    Nina Rogers

    Hi, Marjorie! Businesses cannot create volunteer profiles in Get Connected. You can add companies in the Advanced Events Module (AEM) if you want to manage corporate engagement for an event such as Day of Caring. Please contact us if you have questions!

    Hi, Brenda! This article shows both causes and interests! Thanks!

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