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Participating in an Advanced Event: Guide for Agency Managers

This article is for agency and other program managers who will be posting needs for volunteer events using the Advanced Events Module (AEM). Typical AEM projects include large-scale volunteering events such as the United Way's Day of Caring, where multiple nonprofits or other programs post volunteer opportunities as part of a single effort.

Agencies and other programs are vital to the success of a designated volunteering event. While your Connect site's administrator is responsible for laying the groundwork on your Connect site, it is the agency and program managers who typically post the needs that ultimately engage the volunteers.

This article covers a the following topics: 

Accessing an Advanced Event

Your Site Manager is responsible for giving you access to an advanced event. "Access" refers to the ability to post needs for the event on behalf of your agency or program, as well as to view, add, edit, and delete information regarding needs and volunteers.

Has Your Agency or Program Has Been Added to the Volunteering Event?

Here's how to tell if your agency or program has been added to a volunteering event:

  • Notification Email - Your Site Manager may opt to send a notification email to you. The link provided in that notification will take you to the Advanced Events section of your Agency Management Area.
  • Advanced Events Tab - Once your agency or program has been added to the event, you'll have easy access to an Advanced Events section of your Agency Management Area, using the tab shown in this example:

    Note: Even if you don't receive a notification, you will be able to see and access the Advanced Events tab if you've been added to the event. If you don't have the tab but think you should, contact your Site Manager.

Click the Advanced Event tab to see the event(s). If more than one event is displayed, click on an event to view it.

Now that you are able to access the advanced event, it's time to register (if necessary) and begin posting needs.

Registering for an Advanced Event

If your Site Manager has opted to ask specific registration questions of all agencies, you will see those questions before you get to the need-posting form. If questions are required, you will not be able to proceed until you have submitted your answers.

Note: If the Site Manager has not opted to ask registration questions, you'll be taken straight to the screen for posting needs; no additional registration is required. Click here to learn how to post needs.

To register for an advanced event:

  1. Go to your Agency Management Area and click the Advanced Events tab.
  2. If more than one event is shown, click the desired event.
  3. Answer any questions provided. In the example below, the Site Manager has asked two registration questions, with one of them required.
  4. Click Submit Event Application.

You can now begin posting needs.

Posting Needs for an Advanced Event

This section covers the following topics:

Note for Site Managers Only: You can post a need on behalf of an agency or program from two places: (1) by clicking Add New Need under the All Needs tab, and (2) by using the applicable Live Preview link under the Agencies tab..

Posting a New Advanced-Event Need

To post a need to an advanced event:

  1. Go to your Agency Management Area and click the Advanced Events tab.

    - If more than one advanced event is listed, click on an event to view it.
    - If application questions are provided, answer as needed and click submit.
  1. Answer all applicable and required fields on the Need Information page. This page has several sections, listed in the table below.
    Section of Need Info Page Description/Notes
    Basic Information

    TitleInterests & AbilitiesDateHours, and Duration are required. Duration is used to automatically submit volunteer hours when the Volunteer Check-in feature is used.

    Registration Closed Date is optional; use this field if you want to close registration prior to the event. Registration will close at 12:00 a.m. on the date entered.


    The only required field in this section is # of Volunteers. Enter a specific number (not a range).

    Note: Get Connected cuts off volunteer signups once the maximum number of volunteers have registered for the need.

    Optional fields are Allow Team Registration?Minimum Volunteer Age, and Minor Requires Adult? This information will be shown in the volunteer view.


    An address is required. Get Connected uses the information you enter here to provide volunteers with a map showing the location of the need. You can use the Directions field to provide further driving directions, carpool information (if needed), and any other instructions the volunteers may need.

    Additional Information

    Use this section to provide further details about the need: OutdoorsHandicapped-AccessibleFamily FriendlyTools RequiredDrinks Provided, and Meals Provided.

    Note: Your response may prompt a field for further information. For example, if an event is outdoors, you'll be asked to provide inclement-weather details. All information entered in this section, including additional notes (such as inclement weather plans), will be visible to the volunteer.  


    Contact information is helpful but is not required.

    Note: This section is provided for the volunteer who may have questions about the event. When a volunteer responds to a need, the automatic notification will go to the agency or program manager--not to the individual entered here (unless, of course, that individual is also an agency or program manager).


    Type a succinct need description.

    Note: You can use the Text Editor to format your need description. To learn more about the Text Editor, click here.

    Supplemental Questions

    Answer any additional questions posed by your Site Manager in this section.

    Note: If your Site Manager has not added further questions, you may not have this section on your need-information form. 

    Waiver/Terms & Conditions

    Read the waiver (if provided) and mark the box to agree.

    Note: If your Site Manager has not added a waiver, you will not have this section on your need-information form.

  2. Click Create Need.

Your need will now be listed on your Advanced Events page.

Note: The "clock" icon above shows that the need is pending. All advanced-event needs must be activated by Site Manager before it can be made available to volunteers. You can, however, edit the need once it's been submitted. You can also clone the need. After a need has been activated, you can view the number of volunteers who have responded, add new respondents, and reach out to your volunteers.

Editing an Advanced-Event Need

Once you have added a need for an advanced event, it will be displayed under your Advanced Events tab. 

Click on a need to edit it. Once you have made your changes, click Update Need.

Cloning an Advanced-Event Need

Get Connected's cloning feature is useful for someone who is posting similar advanced events, such as:

  • Different shifts for a single opportunity
  • Similar opportunities taking place at different locations

When you clone a need, you create a copy that can be "tweaked" and then submitted as a new, separate need.

To clone an advanced-event need:

  1. Click on the need.
  2. Click Clone. The title of the cloned need will be identical to that of the original need, with the exception of the word "copy" in parentheses.
  3. Delete "(copy)" from the title and update the title so that it is unique. In this example, "Hands-on Math Activities" has been changed to "Supervise a Science Project!"
  4. Make any other necessary changes to the date, time, description, etc.
  5. When you are finished making changes, click Update Need.

Adding More Needs

Once you have posted a need to an event, you can, of course, add more needs. To add a brand-new need, go to the Advanced Events tab in edit mode and click the Add New Need button. Remember to click Submit once you've entered all of the relevant and required information. 

Managing Need Responses

In addition to editing an advanced-event need, you can manage the need responses, reach out to the volunteer, and export the volunteer information to a spreadsheet. 

Managing Need Responses

To access the need-response area for an advanced-event need:

  1. Go to your Advanced Event tab to see a table of your advanced-event need(s).

    Note: Note that these needs have been approved/activated by a Site Manager; the background is blue-green, and there are check marks in the Status column. To sort needs by status, title, or number of responses, click the applicable column heading.

    This table displays the following columns:
    Column Description
    Status A check mark indicates that the need has been approved. A "clock" icon indicates that the need is pending.
    Need Title of the need
    Responses (graph) Graph shows the number of available spots, the number of volunteers registered, and the number of volunteer spots remaining.
    Percent complete Chart shows the percentage of volunteer spots filled.
  2. Click anywhere on the Responses graph to view volunteers who have already registered for the need. Here's an example of what this looks like for the "Trail Maintenance" need, which has four volunteers registered so far:

    - To add a participant, click Add Respondent. Complete the applicable fields and click Add Respondent.
    - To delete a participant, click the X icon for that participant.
    - To edit a participant's information, click the Edit icon (the pencil). Click Edit Respondent when you are done.
    - To add hours for a participant information, click the Add Hours icon (the stopwatch). Note that any previously submitted volunteer hours are displayed in the Hours column.
    - To message the participants, click Message Attendees. Click Send Message Now after composing the message.
    - To export respondents to a spreadsheet, click Export Respondents. You can use this export later for a sign-in sheet, or use Volunteer Check-in to allow volunteers to sign in electronically.
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