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Advanced Events, Standard Events, and Needs

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An event, or standard event, is a nonprofit event that is generally open to the community. When you post an event for your agency, you're publicizing it and essentially inviting community members to attend. An event is not a volunteer opportunity; when someone RSVPs to an event (if the RSVP option is available), they are responding as guests, not as volunteers.

A need is a volunteer opportunity. When you post a need, either as part of our standard volunteer module or our Advanced Events module, you are letting the community know that you need volunteers

An advanced event is typically a large-scale event in which multiple nonprofit organizations participate by offering volunteer opportunities. Get Connected's Advanced Events Module is a platform for managing such an event.

Posting Needs and Events

To post a standard need or event, go to edit mode for your agency and click the applicable tab (Needs or Events). (This screenshot is from Get Connected 1.0. The tabs look a little different in 2.0, but the functionality is the same.)

To post a need related to an advanced event go to edit mode for your agency and click the Advanced Events tab (see above).

 The tab you click will display the fields needed for entering the details of the standard need, standard event, or advanced-event need.

Note: The tabs shown below are from Get Connected 1.0. The tabs in Get Connected 2.0 look different but have the same functionality.

Associating a Need with a Standard Event

With an advanced event, any needs posted are automatically associated with that event. While needs can't automatically be associated with standard events (or vice versa), you can use our text editor's link feature to link standard events to standard needs.

Tip: This is a great "solution" if you want to both invite people to an event and solicit volunteers to help with the event.

To associate a need with an event:

  1. Begin by posting both the need to the site.
  2. From edit mode, click Preview (or View in Get Connected 2.0), and open the need. Note that it has a unique URL.
  3. Copy the need's URLs to your clipboard.
  4. Go back to edit mode and create the event. In the description, include a sentence such as "Click here to volunteer for this event." You'll link this text to the need you posted previously.
  5. Select the text to be linked.
  6. Click the chain-link icon in your toolbar.
    Get Connected 1.0
    Get Connected 2.0
  7. In the Insert/Edit Link box, copy the need URL into the Link URL field.
  8. Click Insert. The selected test will now be underlined to indicate that it's been linked.
  9. Click Submit to save your changes.

When a site visitor clicks this link, they'll be taken directly to the related need, where they'll have the opportunity to respond to it.

Note: You can, of course, also provide a link to the event in the description of the need.

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