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Responding to Volunteer Opportunities

Once you've found the right volunteer opportunity, it's easy to respond to it and let the agency manager know that you'd like to volunteer.

Once you've clicked the View Details button for a need (shown below), you're taken to the need-information page, which provides additional details about the volunteer opportunity.


All needs include the option to respond individually (provided that registration for the need has not been closed and the need isn't full). Some needs may also include the option to respond as a team.

Responding individually

To respond individually for a need:

  1. Click the Respond button, located in the top right-hand corner of the need-information page.
    This action opens the Need Response page.

    Note: If you area not already logged in, you will first be taken to a login/sign-up page. Once you are logged in, you'll be returned to the need-response page.

    The Need Response page provides information about the need and includes fields for adding your phone number, company, address, and any additional notes.

    Note: The Need Response page for multiple-shift needs includes a Need Shifts area. Mark the box for any shift you wish to fill.

  2. After adding any additional information (optional) and selecting shifts (if applicable), click Submit Need Response at the bottom of the screen. At this point, the agency manager will be notified of your interest. You'll also receive and email thanking you for signing up to volunteer.

Once you have submitted your response, you are returned to the need-information page, and the Respond button is replaced by an Unregister button.

Note: If you responded to multiple needs, you'll see a Manage My Responses button instead. Click it to remove your response to any shift. 

Note: You can unregister for a need at any time, as long as the need is in the future.

Back in the needs listing, the View Details button is replaced with a Confirmed button.


Note: The colors of the View Details, RegisterUnregister and Confirmed buttons are determined by your system administrator and may not match the ones shown here.

Responding as a team

To sign up a team for a need:

  1. Click the Respond as Team icon on the need-information page.
    If you are responding to a non-shift need, you should complete the fields provided (listed below). If you are responding to a shift need, click to respond as a team for the desired shift.
    Note: This button is only available if team signups are accepted for the need.
  2. Complete the fields provided on the Team Information page.
    Team Name Type the name of your team. This is a required field.
    Team Description (optional) Enter a description of your team.
    Attending Indicate whether or not you will be attending the volunteer opportunity as part of the team, or if you are just signing up the team but do not plan to attend as a volunteer.
    Number of Team Members Select the number of people who will be on your team, including yourself (if you are attending).

    Note: You cannot select a number greater than the number of volunteer spots available.

  3. Click Submit Need Response to reserve the volunteer spots for your team. You are taken to the Team Members page where you can list your team members.

    Note: Although you can stop at this point, we strongly recommend that you specify the names and email addresses of each team member, as described in the steps below,

  4. Click Add Team Member to begin providing information about each team member.
  5. Under the Add Team Member heading that is displayed, enter the team member's email address, first name, and last name in the fields provided.

    Note: Your site may or may not require an email address, depending on system settings. However, we recommend including email addresses for all team members if possible.

    Note: If signing up team members who do not have email addresses, use an address--for example, The system recognizes this kind of email as fake and will not send automated notifications to it.

  6. Click Submit Member.
  7. Repeat Steps 4 through 6 for additional team members.

Note: To give up a reserved spot, click the Surrender Reserved Spot button at the top of the table. The number of reserved spots is displayed to the left of this button.

To manage your team later, go to the My Teams area of your profile.

From there, you can view team member information, add team members, delete team members, and make someone else a team leader.

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