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Finding Volunteer Opportunities

Your Connect site offers several easy ways to find volunteer opportunities.

  • Search for opportunities directly from your site's home page.
  • Access the Needs page on your Get Connected site.
  • View suggested needs based on your interests

Get Connected also provides some useful tools for sorting and filtering volunteer opportunities.

Getting Started

You don't need to be logged into Get Connected in order to search for needs. Just go to your site's Get Connected home page, and click the Search icon to find nearby needs!

If you're already logged into the site, just click the Needs button in the sidebar menu.

All of the current and upcoming needs are displayed on your screen.

Note: Needs are shown in grid view, but you can switch to list view at any time.

Search Tools

You can scroll through all of the needs to find an opportunity, but you can also sort and filter needs as desired.

Sorting Needs

From the Sort By dropdown, you can select to sort needs by newest first, oldest first, alphabetically, or soonest first. If you sort by soonest first, the system will only show those needs that are associated with a date; it will not include ongoing needs.

Note: By default, needs are sorted by newest (most recently updated) first.

Filtering Needs

From the Filter dropdown, you can select to filter needs by the criteria shown below.

Once you've selected a filter, you will be prompted to enter or select criteria to narrow the filter. For example, if you select Interest, you'll need to also select an interest. Click Search to see all needs associated with the interest you selected.

  • The Age filter includes a "Family Friendly" option for needs that are open to all ages, including children and teens.
  • A filter by Date will display only those needs that happen on a particular date; it will not include needs that are ongoing or cover a date range.
  • Using the Distance filter, you can search for needs that are within a particular ZIP code, or that are within a range of a ZIP code.
  • The Impact Area filter is available only on sites that use impact areas.
  • The Teams filter allows you to look for only those needs that accept (or don't accept) team signups.

You can only search criteria that have been associated with needs on your site. For example, if there are needs on your site that are associated with the "Clerical" interest, you will have the option to search for clerical needs. If no searches are associated with "Clerical," then "Clerical" will not show up as an option in the Interest search dropdown. Likewise, if an agency on your site doesn't have any current, active needs, that agency will not show up in the Agency search dropdown. This principle applies for all search criteria in Get Connected.

Multi-Level Searches

You can search by multiple criteria. To do so, repeat the process of selecting a filter. Your search options will show up in a stacked list, as shown below.

Viewing Suggested Needs

Another way to find needs is to go to your Dashboard and see what needs Get Connected has suggested for you. These suggestions are based on your interests and fanned agencies.

Note that you can edit your interests and fanned agencies to further influence what kinds of opportunities are suggested for you.

Find What You're Looking For?

Click here to learn more about responding to a volunteer need.

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