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Email Statuses, and What To Do About Them

This article is for administrators and applies to both versions (1.0 and 2.0) of Get Connected.

Get Connected tracks the status of every automated notification and email blast message sent from your site. The status simply refers to what happened to the email after it was triggered or sent.

This article covers the following topics:

Viewing Email Statuses

Depending on the type of email sent (email blast or automated notification), email statuses are displayed in one of two areas of your admin panel in Get Connected:

  • Statuses of email blast messages are shown in Communication > Email Statistics.
  • Status of automatic notifications are located in the each recipient's profile (from Volunteerism > Users), under Emails.

List of Email Statuses

An email will have one of nine statuses, shown in the following table:


The recipient’s inbox was not accessible and the email was returned. Moreover, messages will not be sent to this email address again until the record of a Bounce had been cleared by Galaxy Digital.

Click (Clicked)

The recipient opened the message and clicked the link inside.


The recipient received the message but did not open it.


The recipient’s inbox was temporarily inaccessible. The email address used is likely to work again in the future despite this one-time failure, and the system will continue to send new messages to it.

Open (Opened)

The recipient received and opened the message but did not click the link inside.


The intended recipient has opted out of receiving notifications from your Get Connected platform.

Previous Bounce

The email was not sent because the recipient’s email address has been marked as Bounced.

Previous Dropped

The email was not sent because the recipient’s email address has dropped all or most of its previous messages.


This status precedes attempted email delivery. A status may remain at "processed" if the receiving server does not respond to Galaxy Digital regarding the email. 


The email (a) has been sent out but we are not aware of its status, or (b) is in the queue to be sent out and has not been sent yet.

Skipped by rule

The notification has been deactivated by an admin.


The email was marked as spam and was redirected to the recipient’s spam folder.

Responding to Email Statuses

Most statuses do not require any action from you. However, if a status shows that an email is not being delivered, you may need to take some action.

"Bounce" Statuses

If an email has a status of "bounce" or "previous bounced":

  1. Ensure that the email address is correct (no misspellings, correct domain, etc.).
  2. If the address is an active address that should be receiving the emails but isn't, contact us so we can clear the email in our records.
  3. Instruct the recipient to add to their safe-senders list ("white" list).

    Note: Galaxy Digital has previously given clients IP addresses to add to white-lists when attempting to increase email delivery. Galaxy Digital now recommends white-listing the email address that has been approved for your site using the new Email From Address field in site settings. Please add that address to white-lists for best results. You may also need to white-list the domain.


You should not have to take any action regarding email statuses of "Delivered." Occasionally, however, a user may report that they are not getting emails--even though those emails show up in their Email Sent with a status of "Delivered." If this happens, advise them to check any other email folders that they have, in case the emails are being incorrectly routed to somewhere other than their inbox. If they still cannot locate the emails, they should contact their email provider.

"Dropped" Statuses

If an email has a status of "dropped" or "previous dropped":

  1. Ensure that the user's email system and domain are active. (A common reason for a "dropped" status is that the email system was down when the email should have been received.)
  2. Contact us to have the email cleared from our drop-record and the message re-sent.


A status of "processed" indicates that, although the email has been sent, the receiving email server has not responded to Galaxy Digital. Contact your email provider to see why the server is not responding.


If an email has a status of "spam," ask the recipient to (1) check their spam folder, and (2) change their email settings to accept emails from the and domains.

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