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Connect Site Reporting: Custom Reports

Get Connected's Reports feature offers more than two dozen reports on agency, need, user, event, and advanced-event activities. In addition, you can generate your own reports by exporting data when managing agencies, needs, users, events, and advanced events.

We are also available to create custom reports for your site if our standard reports don't offer the information you want, in the format that you need.

Note: Starting February 2017, Galaxy Digital can develop up to three free custom reports for you. There is a charge for any custom reports beyond the first three.

When requesting a custom report, please specify a few things for us:

  • What do you want the name of the report to be?
  • What information do you want the report to include?
  • Related to the previous question, what columns do you want the report to have? Do you have preferences for column names?

To save time and help ensure that we create the report you want, please be as specific as possible in your request.

Contact us here if you're interested in a custom report.

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  • Avatar
    Robin Ross

    I am looking for a report that will tell me how many registered volunteers I have on my site. I see one for the top 50 Volunteers but I need to drill down further. Is this a special report? Please advise thank you.

  • Avatar
    Nina Rogers

    Hi, Robin,

    If you just want a list of active users, you can get this by running an export of your user list. To do this:

    1.Go to Volunteerism > Users.
    2. Open the User Filter and run a filter on User Data > User Status > is > Active.
    3. Click Submit to save the user filter.
    4. Select Export Users from the Select an Action dropdown.
    5. Click Export Current User List.

    You'll have the spreadsheet in your email shortly afterward!

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