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Agency Manager Accounts Notifications

This article is for Site Managers. It applies to all standard Galaxy Digital products, with some exceptions.

Get Connected's standard automated notifications include two messages that relate to agency manager accounts: Agency Manager Deleted and Bounced Agency Manager Emails. This article describes both of these messages. In addition, it explains what to do if you receive a Bounced Agency Manager Email.

Note: For information on automated notifications in Get Connected, see the article Automated Notification Messages. For an index of all notification messages, see Index of Automated Notification Templates.

Agency Manager Deleted

For an agency account to work properly, the agency must have at least one Agency Manager. If a Site Manager deactivates an Agency Manager's account, or if an Agency Manager deactivates their own account, a notification is sent to the Site Manager. The default message identifies the Agency Manager whose account has been deleted and encourages the Site Manager to assign someone new to the agency, if necessary.

By default, the "Agency Manager Deleted" template includes the following tags, or template keys:

Template Key Description (Text that replaces the key in the message)
to_firstname First name of the recipient
to_lastname Last name of the recipient
to_email Email address of the recipient
site_name Name of your site
agency_name Name of the agency whose manager has been deactivated
manager_firstname First name of the deactivated Agency Manager
manager_lastname Last name of the deactivated Agency Manager
manager_email Email of the deactivated Agency Manager
signature Your site's custom signature

Bounced Agency Manager Emails

Note: For instructions on managing bounced agency emails, scroll to the next section of this article, or just click here.

It's important to know that all of your Agency Managers are receiving the automated notifications being sent to them. On the first day of each month, a notification is sent to all sites that have shown bounced emails to Agency Managers. It informs the Site Manager that no further emails will be sent to the "bounced" addresses. Here's an example:

By default, the Bounced Agency Manager Emails template includes the following tags, or template keys:

Template Key Description (Text that replaces the key in the message)
to_firstname First name of the recipient
to_lastname Last name of the recipient
to_email Email address of the recipient
agency_emails Email addresses that have bounced in the past month
list_link Link to a page that shows a filtered list of the bounced email addresses. From here, you can take one of several actions on the listed accounts; see The User Filter for more information.
signature Your site's custom signature

Managing Bounced Emails

If you receive a message of a bounced agency-manager email, here are some questions to consider about each of the listed email addresses:

Is it an active email address? If an email is active and the Agency Manager should be receiving notifications but isn't, you should do two things:

  • Contact us so we can clear the email in our records.
  • Contact the recipient and instruct them to have the domain added to their safe-senders, or "white" list. The process for white-listing a domain varies depending on the user's email system. There are many articles on the Internet, including this Wikipedia article, that you can read to educate yourself on the subject.

Once the user has white-listed, you may want to can check their Email Sent file and re-send any important emails they've missed.

Is the email address incorrect or inactive?

An email address may bounce for the simple reason that it is misspelled or contains the wrong extension (for example, .com instead of .org). Of course, emails also bounce if they are inactive. Either way, you may need to update the account-holder's information in your system.

To edit a user's account, go to Volunteerism > Users and click on the user's name to open their account.

  • To change their email address, enter the new address in the Email field, and click Update Basic Information.
  • To deactivate the user, select Inactive from the Status dropdown and click Update Basic Information.

Is this person supposed to be an Agency Manager?

If, in addition to changing their email address, the person is no longer involved with your site as an Agency Manager, you will need to remove their Agency Manager status. To do so:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Agencies in your Site Manager panel.
  2. Click on the applicable agency.
  3. Under the Agency Managers heading, click the X to the right of the Agency Manager's name.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Note: If that person is the agency's only manager, you must assign a new manager (or assign yourself as the temporary) before removing them.

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