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Grid View and List View

Your Connect site two different views of agencies, needs, and events: grid view and list view. This article shows the difference between the two and explains how to switch from one view to the other.

Grid View

Grid view shows items in rectangular "cards." In the example below, needs are displayed in grid view.

Grid view displays the "interest" icon, the date of the opportunity (if applicable), the opportunity title, and the first few words on the description. In addition, it includes the opportunity to respond to the need, to get more information, and to share the need via social media.

List View

List view shows items in a traditional list. The example below is of a list view of the same needs shown previously.

List view shows the "interest" icon, the need title, and the name of the agency that posted the need. Like grid view, list view shows the date (if applicable) and provides the opportunity to respond, get more information, or share via social media.

Switching from One View to Another

On the right-hand side of your screen, next to the sort, filter, and print options, are buttons for selecting grid and list view.

The left-hand button is for grid view, and the right-hand button is for list view. You can switch views at any time.

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