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Grid, List, and Map Views

Your Connect site has three different views of agencies, needs, and events: grid view, list view, and map view. This article shows the difference between the three, using the example of viewing needs. These views apply to agencies and events as well.

View Options

When you click to view agencies, needs, or events, you'll see the options for the three different views on the right-hand side of your screen.


These buttons are for grid, list, and map view, respectively. Click on a button to access the view. You can switch views at any time.

Note: Grid view is shown by default.

Grid View

Grid view shows items in rectangular "cards." In the example below, needs are displayed in grid view.


Each "card" displays some basic information, along with a button (View Details above) to learn more, and a way to share the information on social media.

Note: If a need or event is full or if registration is closed, the View Details button will change to indicate this information. Some sites do not display needs once they have been filled.

List View

List view shows items in a traditional list, as shown here:


List view is similar to grid view in a couple of ways:

  • It shows some basic information and includes buttons to learn more or share the information on social media.
  • If a need or event is full or if registration is closed, the View Details button will change to indicate this information.

Map View

Click here to view a video on map view.

Map view displays a map with "pins" showing where needs, agencies, or events are located.


When you click on a pin, it shows you the titles and dates (as applicable) of all needs at that address or, if an address was not entered for the need, within the ZIP code. To view or respond to the need, click on the title, which links to the need-information page.


To close the box listing the needs, click the X in the top right-hand corner.

Note: Unlike grid view and list view, map view does not include an indication of whether a need is full or closed.

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