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Default Causes and Icons

When registering your agency on a Connect site, you'll want to associate your agency with one or more causes in your agency profile. Your Connect site uses these causes to match your agency up with like-minded volunteers. Icons for your agency's causes are shown on your agency profile page, as shown in the example below.


A standard Connect site features the 16 causes listed below, each associated with the icon shown. If your site manager has added custom causes and/or removed some of the default ones, the causes and icons available to you may not match those shown here.

Icon Cause Types of Agencies
Arts and Culture art centers; music, theatre, and other performance groups; arts education; museums;
  Basic Needs  shelters; food banks; clothing donations; nonprofit thrift shops
  Community cultural awareness; assistance for vision- or hearing-impaired; scouting; animal shelter and adoption
  Crime & Safety  law enforcement; community watch
  Crisis  domestic violence; drug treatment; hotlines
  Disaster Response  Red Cross; disaster and relief services
  Education  after-school services; tutoring; awareness; training; scouting
  Employment  job training; job placement; professional development
  Environment  environmental awareness; conservation and recycling; hiking and other outdoor clubs; animal welfare; scouting; animal shelter and adoption
  Equality  human rights; marriage equality; racial equality; women's rights
  Family  children's services; adoption; scouting; animal shelter and adoption
  Health  medical services; nutrition; special-needs camps; addiction services; therapeutic centers; health awareness
  Housing  housing assistance; shelters; home-building
  Income  income tax assistance; financial planning and management
  Mental Wellness  support groups; addiction and recovery; therapeutic centers; survivor groups; hotlines
  Veterans  veterans' societies; health services; support groups
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