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Managing Zones (1.0)

This article refers to a feature exclusive to our legacy product (Get Connected 1.0), which we began phasing out in 2015. It does not apply to administrators using the more current version.

This article covers the following topics:

Zone Names and Locations

Zone Types

Editing a Zone

(Rather watch the movie? Click here for our video on zones.)

Zone Names and Locations

An administrator can edit up to five zones on the About page.


Zone (Technical Name) Location on Get Connected Home Page (The "About" Page)
about_left_block_two Left-hand column, typically right beneath the Agency Signup button
about_left_block_three Beneath about_left_block_two
about_video Top center of About page
about_description Beneath about_video
about_bottom_image Bottom right-hand corner of page

Zone Types

There are seven different zone types in Get Connected: video, HTML, poll, newsfeed, and image rotator.

Zone Type Description
Empty Zone A selection of Empty results in a blank space.
Video A video can be uploaded onto the About page from an online site (such as YouTube) or your agency’s video library
HTML This selection brings up the Text Editor, making it is the most versatile zone in Get Connected. Can include text, images, shapes, and tables. See the Get Connected Agency Manual for more on using the Text Editor.
Poll A poll must exist in Plugins > Polls in order to use this zone type.
Newsfeed A newsfeed must exist in Content > Newsfeeds in order to use this zone type. 
Image Rotator Displays a slideshow of images in intervals between 2.5 and 7.5 seconds.
Blog A selection shows the most recent blog post(s) to your site. 
Event A selection of Event shows the next coming standard (not advanced) event(s) posted to your site.

Editing a Zone

To edit a zone:

  1. Under the Content tab, click Zones to display a table listing the zones.
  2. Click Edit on the row of a zone to open the zone manager box for that zone.
  3. Indicate the Zone Type to be used. If you are changing from the existing zone type, you’ll be ask to confirm the change.

Note: For newsfeeds, blogs, and events, unless you know HTML and want to change how the item appears on the About page, we recommend leaving the Item Display Format field as is.


For a local video, select the name of the video (it must first be uploaded at Content > Videos) and enter the dimensions if they are different from the default provided. For a YouTube or Vimeo video, click the YouTube or Vimeo tab and enter the URL into the Video URL field.

Note: The default for the center column is 460 for width, 280 for height. (Default width is 225 for a left-column zone and 200 for a right-column zone.)

HTML Enter text, images, etc., into the Text Editor, formatting as desired. Click Submit the Changes to save.
Poll Select the poll to display from the dropdown. (For a poll to be included as an option, it must first be created at Plugins > Polls.)

Select a newsfeed from the dropdown. (For a newsfeed to be included as an option, it must first be uploaded at Content > Newsfeeds.) Next, select the number of posts to display.

Image Rotator

From the Delay Between Images dropdown, select the amount of time you’d like each image to show up before the next image replaces it. In the Text Editor, upload the images to be displayed.

Important: There should be a space between each image. 

Blog Select the number of posts to display.
Event Select the number of events to display.

Once you have made changes to a zone, remember to save your changes by clicking the applicable Submit or Update button.

Video: Zones

This video goes over the same concepts and steps as the article above. If you have questions that aren't answered in the article or the video, please let us know.

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