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Service Learning Enhancement Updates - 11/6/14

We are excited to announce the following enhancements to our Service Learning Module!

We have re-named student liaisons “course assistants.”

This was done to eliminate confusion. They are now called course assistants to be sure their role more accurately reflects their title.

We have added the ability to capture student reflections.

These are captured when students submit hours for a service learning need. Reflection questions can be created by the site admin under the Settings tab within a course:

OR the professor or course assistant assigned to the course can add them by entering the course Edit Course (which is another recent addition to the module for the professor/course assistant view):

Once the reflection question(s) are added, students will be presented with them immediately after adding service hours to that course:

Each answer is captured and can be viewed and exported by the site admin and the professor or course assistant. These reflections questions can also be used to capture any additional data that needs to be collected upon the submission of hours. (for example, “How many people did you serve?”) 

Professors can now approve hours that are submitted by students.

Approve student-submitted hours under the Review Hours tab. 

Admins can change the wording on the "Track Hours" tab, as well as which fields are visible on that hours submission form:

This is the view for students:

Primary contacts for needs is now a required field.

This will ensure that someone receives notifications, since we will no longer send automatic notifications to agency managers whose agency has added SLM needs. Instead, the person added as the primary or secondary contact will get the notifications when need responses are submitted as well as when hours are submitted. This provides a lot of flexibility in terms of who is being alerted. As long as that person is either an agency manager, a site admin, a course assistant, or a professor, they can coordinate the service and approve hours when they are added by students.

Courses can now be imported!

Here is a link to a template you can use to import your list of courses. These are the fields that can be brought in using a course import:

    • Course Title
    • Course Description
    • Hours Required
    • Course End Date
    • Instructor Email (this will create an account for instructors not currently in Get Connected)

Here are a few more updates that are small but great and certainly worth mentioning:

    • A "terms and conditions" document can now be added for a single class that will have to be agreed to by the student before joining the course.
    • You can now run two active blocks at the same time!
    • Multiple professors! There can now be up to 3 professors and 3 course assistants in a single course. 
    • "Pending and Enrolled Students" now reads as "Student Roster" for the professor. This just made more sense.
    • Professors can edit needs added by an agency. This is something that professors who work closely with the organization they are facilitating Service Learning with will appreciate a lot. 
    • Agency managers can now view the needs responses from Service Learning courses. Another no-brainer. 
    • Agency managers can now export hours submitted by students.
    • There is now a CC field on the message tool that students and professors can access.
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