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Question Types for Qualifications

This article is for Connect platform site managers, and it focuses on creating questions specifically for qualifications. If this article doesn't meet your needs, see Other Helpful Articles below.

What is a Question Type?

A question type really refers to the format of the answer you want to receive. There are three main types of answers you can collect for qualifications:

  • Volunteer types in an answer
  • Volunteer selects an answer from a list
  • Volunteer uploads a file

The following question types are available for obtaining volunteer qualification information, either as part of the registration process or in the volunteer profile: 

Type Description Example
Small text field For open-ended questions; user types in a brief answer. Question appears inside the text box.
Large text field For open-ended questions requiring an answer of more than a few words. Question appears above the text box.
Dropdown Options shown in a dropdown list; user can select only one.
Radio button User clicks a round "button" to select an option; can select only one.
File Upload Available for qualifications only; volunteer uploads a file. Click here to learn more. option_file_upload.png

Creating Questions

Questions are created in the Manage Qualifications area. To access this area, go to your site manager panel and click Volunteerism > Qualifications, and then click to add or edit a qualification.

To create a qualification question:

  1. Type the text of the question into the Question field.
  2. Select a question type.
  3. (Dropdown and radio button fields only) In the Options field that appears, type the options from which the volunteer should select.
  4. After completing all other fields on the form, click the button to create or update the qualification.

Important: To ensure that your data is uniform, try not to change a question once users have begun entering answers.

More detailed information on this form, and on qualifications in general, is provided in the article Managing Qualifications.

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