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Qualification Permissions

This article is for Connect platform site managers, and it focuses on creating questions specifically for qualifications. If this article doesn't meet your needs, see Other Helpful Articles below.

Depending on the permissions you've set up for qualifications, volunteers who do not meet the qualifications for a need will have limited access to it. Listed below are the permission options available, and how they affect a volunteer's experience of the site.

  • Required to Respond to Selected Needs. If a qualification is required in order to respond to selected needs on your site, then a volunteer must have the qualification in order to respond to any need with that qualification. A volunteer who lacks the qualification will be able to view those needs, but they will not be able to respond.


    Note: Only those qualifications with the Required to Respond to Selected Needs permission can be applied to needs. In other words, if you are an agency manager adding a need, your Qualifications dropdown will only show those qualifications that have this permission level.

  • Required to View Any Needs. If a qualification is required in order to view any need on your site, then a volunteer who lacks the qualification will not be able to view the needs at all. If they click the Needs link in the site menu, they'll get a message that they do not have qualification access to view needs.
  • Not Required for Need Access. If a qualification is not required for need access, then a volunteer who lacks the qualification will still be able to see and respond to all needs on your site (except those with other qualifications that may prevent them from accessing certain needs). This permission level is useful if you want to capture certain data but don't plan to use that data to limit anything for the volunteer.

As a site manager, you can change qualification permissions can be changed at any time by going to Volunteerism > Qualifications, clicking on the qualification, selecting a new permission level, and submitting the change.

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