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Badges Available for Benchmarks

As a site manager, you can set your Connect platform up to reward volunteers who submit their volunteer hours. This setup involves creating benchmarks for the number hours to be submitted within a specified date range. Once a volunteer reaches a benchmark, they're awarded a badge* that they can share on social media. Badges also appear in their volunteer profile, volunteer resume, and in the notification that is sent to them when then achieve the benchmark.

This article shows the available badges on your site. To learn more about managing benchmarks, see our article Benchmarks: A Guide for Site Managers.

Images of Available Badges

The table below shows what each badge looks like to the volunteer. Badges come in three colors (bronze, silver, and gold), and each color option has five different options for the wording on the badge.

Badge Title Image
Bronze - 10 Hours  Bronze_10Hours.png
Bronze - 25 Hours  Bronze_25Hours.png
Bronze - Community Champion  Bronze_CommunityChampion.png
Bronze - I Made a Difference Bronze_I_MADE_A_DIFFERENCE_updated.png
Bronze - Outstanding Service  Bronze_OutStandingService.png
Silver - 20 Hours  Silver_20Hours.png
Silver - 50 Hours  Silver_50Hours.png
Silver - Community Champion  Silver_CommunityChampion.png
Silver - I Made a Difference Silver_I_MADE_A_DIFFERENCE_updated.png
Silver - Outstanding Service  Silver_OutstandingService.png
Gold - 50 Hours  Gold_50Hours.png
Gold - 100 Hours  Gold_100Hours.png
Gold - Community Champion  Gold_CommunityChampion.png
Gold - I Made a Difference  Gold_I_MADE_A_DIFFERENCE_updated.png
Gold - Outstanding Service  Gold_OutstandingService.png
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