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Connect Site Reporting: Users

This article details the user-related reports that are available in the Reports area of your site manager panel. Click on a report below for details.

All reports can be exported to a spreadsheet by clicking the Export icon on the right-hand side of the page.


New Users Added

This report shows how many users were added on all dates within a selected date range. The totals include users who have since been deleted. It has the following two columns:

  • Date
  • Users [Total]

Note: You can use the user filter to generate a list of users who were added on a selected date, or during a particular date range.

Users By Zip Code

This report is a variation of the New Users Added report. For a selected date range, it show many users were added to the site within various ZIP codes. It includes deleted users (since they signed up before they were deleted) and has the following columns:

  • ZIP code
  • Total

Note: These numbers may not be accurate if ZIP code is not a required field on your site.

Time from Registration to Response

This report gives stats on how much time users took between signing up for the site and submitting a need response. This report hashas the following columns:

  • 0 days - Users who responded to a need on the same day they created the account.
  • 7 days - Users who responded to a need 1 to 7 days after creating an account.
  • 14 days - Users who responded to a need 8 to 14 days after creating an account.
  • 30 days - Users who responded to a need 15 to 30 days after creating an account.
  • 60 days - Users who responded to a need 31 to 60 days after creating an account.
  • 90 days - Users who responded to a need 61 to 90 days after creating an account.
  • 180 days - Users who responded to a need 91 to 180 days after creating an account.
  • 365 days - Users who responded to a need 181 to 365 days after creating an account.

The numbers shown include deleted users and deleted responses. There is no option to select a date range; data shown is for the life of your site. 

Repeat Volunteerism Totals

This report shows how many volunteers have responded to needs one or more times. It has columns for 1 need, 2 needs, 3 needs, 4 needs, 5 needs, 10 needs, 15 needs, 20 needs, and greater than 20 needs. The numbers shown include deleted users and deleted responses. There is no option to select a date range; data shown is for the life of your site. 

Repeat Volunteerism User List

This report shows the need responses for all volunteers who have more than one need response. It lists the user ID, name and email; the agency and need title, the response date, and indication of whether the response was for an advanced-event need. Deleted need responses are not included.

Volunteer Hours Logged

One of the most commonly used reports by Connect site managers, the Volunteer Hours Logged report shows who has logged hours for which needs. It has the following columns:

  • Agency ID
  • Agency Name
  • Need ID
  • Need Title
  • User ID
  • Volunteer
  • Team
  • Hours Volunteered
  • Hours Status
  • Miles Traveled
  • Type (need or individual hours)
  • Source (shows volunteer check-in information)

Like many other reports, you can limit the data shown to a date range you specify.

Details of Individual Hours

If your site allows individual hours, this report will show the details of submitted individual hours, including the name and contact information of the person who can verify them. The following columns are included:

Volunteer First Name, Last Name, and Email

  • Date Added
  • Date Volunteered
  • Hours
  • Location
  • Description
  • Who Can Verify
  • Contact Info

Note: As a site manager, you can approve individual hours by going to Volunteerism > Hours.

Volunteer Hours Summary

This report shows the total number hours each volunteer on your site has submitted within the specified date range. Volunteers are listed in alphabetical order by last name. The report shows the volunteers first and last name and email address, along with the number of hours for each volunteer.

Volunteer Hours by Category

This report will only contain data if your site uses custom categories for volunteer hours. It shows the category ID and name, volunteer's name, need; agency, type of hours (need or individual), total hours, response status (approved, pending, etc.), and any answers to any volunteer questions on the hours submission form. Denied hours are not included.

Top 50 Visitors

This report shows which of your site's users have had the most site visits over time. This report does not include site manager visits, and it does not include pending or inactive users. It shows user ID, name, email address, and number of logins.

Top 50 Volunteers

This report shows which volunteers have responded to the most needs. It does not show who has submitted the most volunteer hours. It includes user ID, name, email address, and number of responses for a specified date range.

Users Joined By Week

This report can give insight into seasonal trends affecting user registration. It includes users that have since been deactivated.

Users Joined By Weekday

This report gives insight into how the day of the week may affect user registrations. It includes users that have since been deactivated.

User Group Summary

This report, which displays basic data for your site's user groups, can be used to compare user groups at a glance. You can limit the data to responses that were added and hours that occurred during a date range you specify. This report shows:

  • The domain ID and name of the site where the user group originated

    Note: Unless you have a Galaxy Link to share data with another Connect site, this column will only reflect your site

  • The user group ID and title
  • The number of volunteers within the user group
  • The total responses
  • The total number of unique user responses (This number will differ from total responses if a single volunteer has more than one response.)
  • Total number of associated volunteer hours, with hours separated into statuses (Entered, Pending, Approved, Denied)

    Note: Click here to learn more about hours statuses.

Top 50 User Group Prospects

This report shows the most common email domains on your site that are not already assigned to a user group. You can use this information to determine whether any companies or other organizations are creating large numbers of user accounts on your site, and you can then consider them for a user group.

User Qualification Summary

This report provides details about the active qualifications on your site. It includes the qualification names, the number of needs that have each qualification, and the number of qualified users for each. Columns are ID, Category, Qualification Title, Level, Needs, Qualified Users, Users with Expired Qualifications, and Users with Pending Qualifications

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