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Calendar of Scheduled Volunteers: For Site Managers

This article is geared toward site managers. For more information on your agency's volunteer schedule, see this article.

Click here to view a video on the calendar of scheduled volunteers for site managers.

As a site manager, you can view a calendar that lists the volunteers who are scheduled to work on a given day.

Note: The calendar shows needs that are associated with a particular date--in other words, needs that have a duration of custom shifts, recurring shifts, or happens on. The calendar does not show responses to runs until and ongoing needs.

The calendar is located in your response-management area (Volunteerism > Responses).


By default, the calendar reflects the current month. To view a different month, select it from the Month dropdown.


You can also filter responses to needs that were posted by a certain agency, occur in a certain area, or contain a certain keyword or phrase.


Hold your cursor over a volunteer's name (don't click) to see the details of the need response.


Click on the volunteer's name to be taken to a list of responses for the need.

Each date on the calendar displays a maximum of five responses by default. If there are more than five responses, you'll see a View More button. Click this button to view a new page that lists all of the need responses.


A similar calendar is available to agency managers (to see which of their volunteers are appearing on a certain day) and volunteers (to see their personal volunteer schedules). Agency managers can access their calendar in the Schedules section of their agency management area. Volunteers can access their calendar from the Volunteer Schedule area of their profile.

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