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This article applies to all Connect site administrators.

Spotlights are way of drawing attention to specific events, links, announcements, or any other elements that you'd like to have stand for people visiting your Get Connected platform.

This article covers the following topics:


How your site's spotlight look will will vary depending on the user (logged in or not logged in?) and the medium (desktop or mobile?). This article focuses on the desktop views for both types of users.

While you can have as many spotlights as you want, only three can show up as "banners" on your site. You can select which three are displayed as banners. You can also specify that all of your spotlight be included in the side navigation menu.

User is Not Logged In

Here is an example of what the top three spotlights (Group Projects, Read to Succeed, and Frequently Asked Questions) look like for the volunteer who is not logged into your site:


User is Logged In: Dashboard

Here is what the same spotlights look to a volunteer who is logged in: (NEED TO GET A SCREENSHOT THAT SHOWS REALISTIC NEEDS)


User is Logged In: Side Navigation

While only the top three spotlights can appear as banners, all of your spotlights can be displayed in the side navigation menu. Spotlights in this menu are accessible from any page of your Connect platform (and not just the Dashboard.)


Anatomy of a Spotlight

To understand the parts of a spotlight (parts that you, as an admin, will be able to control), let's begin by looking at a sample spotlight.


The spotlight includes the following elements:

  • An icon - In this case, an image of an open book is displayed.
  • A title ("Read to Succeed!") and a sub-title ("Make a difference in local schools!")
  • The link text ("Click here to help") that, when clicked, takes the user to a selected URL.
  • Unique background and text colors

As a Connect site manager, you have options regarding a spotlight's appearance and text:

  • The number of spotlights to use
  • The colors of each spotlight that is to be displayed
  • The text each spotlight should include
  • Whether the spotlight should link to another page or site
  • Where the spotlight appears on the page--if it is to appear as a banner, a navigation menu item, or both
  • If linked, which URL to use

Begin by accessing your spotlights management area.

Accessing Your Spotlights Management Area

Your spotlights management area is accessed by clicking Spotlights in the Main Settings dropdown of your site manager panel.



Creating or Editing a Spotlight

Once you have clicked Spotlights in the Main Settings menu, you'll you'll see fields for Spotlights 1, 2, and 3. Below are a few of the fields for a disaster response spotlight.

To clear an existing spotlight and start over, click the Clear Spotlight button next to the spotlight heading.

Descriptions of the fields are provided in below.

Active Mark this box to indicate whether the spotlight is to be visible on your Get Connected platform.
Icon Select the term pertaining to the icon you'd like displayed in the spotlight. If you don't select an icon, no icon will be displayed.
Color Enter or select a color code for the spotlight. For more information on color codes, click here.
Text Color Select a color (black or white) for the text and icon to be displayed..
Title Enter the spotlight title.
Sub-Title Enter the spotlight sub-title.
Target URL If the spotlight is to link to a certain page or site, enter the URL for that page or site.

Note: Click here to learn how to create a link to an advanced event.

Link Text Type an action word or term (such "Go," "Click," "Click here," or "Check it out" that shows the user where they should click to access the target URL.
Show in Navigation Check the In Nav? box to include a link to the spotlighted item in your Get Connected side navigation. Checking In Nav? will ensure that a logged-in user can access the spotlighted item from anywhere within Get Connected. (Otherwise, they'll only be able to see it from the Dashboard.)
Navigation Title If you checked In Nav?, type the text to be used in the side navigation. Text should be short, consisting of just one or two words. 

Note: To save changes to spotlights, click Save Spotlights, located at the top right-hand corner of the Spotlights page.

Changing a Spotlight's Position

You can move a spotlight up or down as needed. For example, if you want to move Spotlight 2 to the Spotlight 1 position, all you need to do is click to move it up. This option is available at the bottom of the form for each spotlight.

Note: After moving a spotlight up or down, remember to click Save Spotlights to save your changes.

Deactivating a Spotlight

Among your many options regarding spotlights, you can choose not to use spotlights at all, or to use only one or two (instead of all three). In the example below, the administrator has deactivated Spotlight 2. (Compare this image to the ones above.)


As you can see, Get Connected adjusts the spotlights accordingly, and there is no evidence that any of the spotlights are "missing."

To deactivate a spotlight:

  1. From your admin panel, go to Site Settings.
  2. Select the Spotlights tab.
  3. Scroll to the spotlight to be deactivated.
  4. Clear the Spotlights Active? checkbox.

Note: Do not try to "hide" a spotlight by simply clearing all of the fields. If the Spotlights Active? box is still checked, Get Connected will include a space for it on the Dashboard.

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