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Version 2.8 Anticipation: FAQs

On April 27, Galaxy Digital emailed our clients with exciting news about our upcoming build, which includes a new feature we're calling Initiatives. We received several emails right off the bat and found that people are excited about this feature but have a few initial questions. We've compiled those questions (and added a few more) here for anyone who'd like to know more before our release date of May 1! 

Is this an upgrade?

Version 2.8 is not an upgrade; it is instead the latest build, integrating various enhancements. That being said, initiatives is a particularly large enhancement, one that can revolutionize how you use your Connect site for large-scale events.

Do we need to request that initiatives be added to our site?

No. The version 2.8 features will be added to all Get Connected sites (excluding platforms that use our version 1.0, our Legacy product).

Is there a fee involved?

No. As with all new versions of the software, there is no additional charge.

Is the release period limited to a certain time frame?

No. All sites will get version 2.8 on May 1, 2017.

Is the May 1 release of a beta product, or will be be seeing the final version?

Version 2.8 has been in beta with several of our clients, and we've received valuable feedback from them during the beta period. The version being released on May 1 is the latest version. Because we are always working to improve our product, we will likely adjust and enhance version 2.8 as we receive feedback from clients and gain a better understanding of how clients will use this tool.

Can I use initiatives for our Day of Service in May?

Possibly. If you have already set up the event in the Advanced Events Module (AEM), you might consider using the AEM if your event is happening within the next 30 days. Once version 2.8 has been released on May 1, you'll be able to access a wealth of articles and videos to learn more about how you can use initiatives for your event. You can also sign up for one of our live trainings. The first one will be offered on May 3!

Is there a tutorial that I can watch?

Videos will be available on May 1. In the meantime, you can sign up for one of our live trainings, which start on May 3.

How is initiatives different from advanced events?

Initiatives and the Advanced Events Module (AEM) definitely share some similarities, but there are also some important differences. One of the biggest is that initiatives can be applied to regular needs, and that needs don't have to be created in a separate place. This means that you can use shift needs, which aren't available in the AEM. For more information on similarities and differences, stay turned for May 1, when articles on this very subject will be available in our Help Center.

Is initiatives supposed to be a replacement for advanced events? Is the Advanced Events Module going away?

Initiatives is not a one-to-one replacement for the Advanced Events Module (AEM). That being said, we believe initiatives can be used as an alternative for many "AEM-type" events. We encourage you to sign up for a training and check out the soon-to-be-published articles and videos to determine whether initiatives is the right choice for your event.

If the AEM is a better choice for your upcoming event, no worries--the AEM is still available, and trainings will continued to be offered in using the AEM. If you're not sure which tool is right for you, contact our Customer Care team, and we'll work with you to determine how to best set up your event on your Connect site.

What types of automated reporting and analytics are included?

Your Reports area of your site manager panel will include a couple of initiative summary reports. Initiatives are all included in applicable need reporting. In addition, you'll see a new "Initiative" column in the tables within your system that report on needs. If you are using Google Analytics, you will be able to track visits to initiative pages and initiative needs.

Is initiatives designed to also be available on mobile devices?

Starting with Version 2.0, all Connect products are designed to be mobile-friendly. Initiatives is no exception.

Can it be integrated with an API?

Initiative information is available in the API (Need By ID, Need List, Response by ID and Response List).

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