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Language Overrides - For New Clients

This article applies to all Connect site administrators.

All Connect sites use specific terms with specific meanings ("need," "cause," and "agency" are a few examples). If your organization wants to use a different term (for example, "opportunity" instead of "need"), you can request to have the term changed, or overridden, throughout your platform.

Listed below are the Get Connected terms that we can change for you:

  • need, needs
  • event, events
  • agency, agencies
  • fan, fans (nouns)
  • fanned (verb)
  • interest, interests
  • cause, causes
  • team, teams
  • group, groups
  • donate, donation, donations
  • blog
  • "From the Blog"
  • advanced events
  • Complete survey (shows up on the button when someone completes a survey in Get Connected; language override is useful if you are using the survey tool as a sign-up or registration tool, and not for an actual survey)
  • Who we are (from the agency profile)
  • What we do (from the agency profile)
  • time specific (shows up on agency profile page as "time specific needs" listing most recently posted advanced-event needs)
  • volunteer
  • company, companies
  • respond
  • Note: The terms response and respondent cannot be overridden.

  • employee (used for "Employee Access Link" in advanced events)
  • Help (button on 2.0 dashboard)
  • Return to Our Website (button on dashboard)
  • Students Login Here (for sites using single sign-on)
  • Get Involved, Make a Difference (the message on the main page your platform for a user who is not logged in)
  • Get Connected (appears on the main page of some sites as "Learn what Get Connected can do for you." When clicked, it takes the user to the agency signup page.)
  • phrase (appears in the search dropdowns; can be replaced by "word," keyword," etc.)
  • Our Community (appears above the image rotator on the user dashboard)
  • I am at least 13 years of age. (statement that appears on the sign-up page for new users)
  • "I have agreed to the waiver" text for standards needs and/or advanced-event needs.
  • making a donation to your local United Way (shows up in pop-up once someone has responded to a need or made a donation through the Connect site)

    Note: If you request new wording for the waiver text, specify whether you want the change for standard needs, advanced-event needs, or both.

Click here to contact us and request a change.

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