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Version 2.8: What's New For Agency Managers

Agency managers have several new features available with version 2.8 enhancements.

Posting a Need

When posting a need, an agency manager has several new ways to provide details about the need.

Associating a Need with an Initiative

If your site is set up to allow agency managers to associate their needs with existing initiatives, the agency manager will have an Initiative dropdown on their form for creating or updating a need.


They can select from all initiatives that are active on the site. This field is not required.

Note: This option may not be available on your need-posting page if your site manager has not turned it on.

Specifying Outdoor and Wheelchair-Accessible Needs

The need-posting form now has an Outdoors? fields and a Wheelchair Accessible? field.


If they select that a need is outdoors, they'll be able to provide inclement-weather details.


In the volunteer view, these items will show up in the Details area below the need description.


Both of these items are also searchable in the volunteer view (highlighted below).


Providing Additional Details ("Attributes")

If an agency manager would like to add more information for the Details area, a new Attributes field is available for that purpose.


Attributes are a good way to provide details that should stand out from the rest of the need description. Once an attribute has been added, it appears below the field on the need-posting form.


After the need has been submitted with any attributes, the attributes appear in the Details area of the need-information page in the volunteer view.


Note: You can add unlimited attributes, but each attribute must be 200 characters or fewer.

Viewing Data

Agency managers now have information related to teams and initiatives when viewing certain data.

  • When viewing response data, they can now see the team that each response is associated with.
  • When viewing their table of needs, they can see what initiatives the needs area associated with, and they can also see which initiatives and needs are public, and which are private.
  • The agency manager will also see related team and initiative information in exports from the Stats area.
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