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Responding to a Need as a Team

Many volunteer opportunities include the option to register as a team. If you're interested in registering a team for a volunteer need, this article is for you! It focuses on all thing team-related. Specifically, it addresses the following topics:

Finding Team-Friendly Opportunities

After you've clicked to view a need on a Connect site, you can tell if it accepts team signups by looking at the Respond buttons to the right of the need title.


All team-friendly opportunities include a Respond as Team button.

You can also filter all of the needs on your site to display only those needs that accept teams. To view team-friendly needs:

  1. Click Needs in the left-hand column of you local Connect site.

    Note: If your site manager has overridden the default term "needs," you may see the word "opportunities" or something similar instead.

  2. From the Search by dropdown, select Teams.
  3. In the Select Access dropdown that appears, select Accepting Teams.
  4. Click Search.

You site will display only those needs that accept team sign-ups. Click View Details to learn more about a need.

Note: For needs associated with a particular date or shift, you can see the number of volunteers needed. You cannot register more team members than there are volunteer slots allowed.

Signing Up a Team

To sign up a team for a need:

  1. Select a need that accepts team signups.
  2. Click the Respond as Team button.

    Note: The color of the button differs from site to site, depending on your site settings, and it may not match the one shown above.

  3. On the Team Information form that appears, enter a Team Name and a Team Description.
  4. Click Create Team.

    Note: Even though you have created a team, you cannot begin reserving slots until you've added a team leader.

  5. Click the Add Team Member button to add your first team member.

    Note: The first person you add is automatically designated as the team leader. You can change this later. Note that an email address is required for the team leader.

  6. Complete the EmailFirst Name, and Last Name in the fields provided. Note that, if the system recognizes an email address as an existing member, it will ask if you want to auto-populate the fields.
  7. From the Reserved Slots dropdown, select the number of team members you want to add (not including the team leader).
  8. Click Add Team Member.

You are now ready to fill the slots you reserved! Slots can be filled in one of two ways:

  • You can add the team members yourself. Repeat steps 5 through 8 above for each new team member.
  • You can invite others to join on their own. Click the Copy Join Link button (located above the table of team members) to copy the "join link" to your clipboard, and then send the link to potential members. They can use that link to access the team sign-up page, where they can sign themselves up. Click here for more information on this feature.

Note: If there are response questions or initiative questions included on the response form, the person signing up (i.e., either the team member or you, if you are signing them up) must answer those questions (if required).

Cloning Your Team

Let's say you signed up a team for a volunteer need, and you worked so well together that your group would like to volunteer as a team again. You can do this with the team-cloning feature. With this feature, you'll make a "copy" of your team in response to a need, and then you can adjust your team members accordingly.

Note: You cannot clone a team unless you are the team creator or the team leader of a previously created team.

To clone a team:

  1. After clicking to respond to a need as a team, the Clone a Team button, located on the Need Response page.
  2. From the Clone a Team dropdown, select the team you want to clone.

    Note: You will only see those teams that are eligible to respond to the selected need. To be eligible, a team must (1) must fit into the available volunteer slots and (2) have you as the team creator or leader. In addition, if you are responding to an initiative and the team has not previously responded to a need within that initiative, it will not be available for cloning.

    Once you have selected a team, you will see information about the original team: how many people were on, the original need and shift (if applicable) that it was created for, and the date it was created.
    If this is not the team you want to clone, select a different team from the dropdown.
  3. Once you are viewing the team you want to clone, click Clone Team. You will see a need response page with the members of your team listed.

    Note: If any of your team members have already responded to this need, they will not be included in this list.

  4. Make any changes necessary to the team.
    • Under the Team Members heading, edit the team membership as needed. To delete a member, click the X in the applicable row. To add a member, click Add Team Member or use the Copy Join Link button.
    • Under the Team Information heading, edit the team name and description as needed.
  5. Click Update Team complete the team response.

Now that you've created a team, you can manage it later by accessing the My Teams area, located in your profile dropdown. See below for more information.

Managing Your Team

You can manage your team from the My Teams area, which you can access from your profile dropdown. 


For more information on how to view your team details, change or assign a leader, adjust your team size, view and submit your team's volunteer hours, email your team members, and view your team resume, see our article titled Managing Your Volunteer Team.

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