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Managing Your Volunteer Team

Once you've responded to a need as a team, you can access your team management area to view and edit your team details, submit or manage team volunteer hours, email your team members, and view your team resume.

Accessing the "My Teams" Area

To access your team management area, log into your site and select My Teams from your profile dropdown.


The My Teams page features a table listing all of the teams you are on. The table shows the following information:

  • Name of the team
  • Title of the need responded to
  • Title of the initiative, as applicable
  • Name of the agency that posted the need
  • Date the team was created
  • Number of members; hover your cursor over the number to see each team member's first name and last-name initial.
  • Manage Team link; click here for more information.

Note: The number in the Members column reflects the total slots reserved. If a team has five reserved slots but has only filled two of them, the number in the Members column will still be be "5."

Options in My Teams

For a team leader, the Options column displays a Manage Team link that takes you to the team's Need Response page; see Editing Team Information, below. This link is available for team creators and team leaders only; for anyone else viewing their My Team page, this link is replaced by an option to email the team leader.


The image above shows the Options column for someone who manages the team in the first row but is only a member (not a leader or creator) of the team in the second row.

About Public and Private Needs and Initiatives

If a need listed in the My Teams table is private, you will see a "lock" icon. If an initiative is available only to certain user groups (including yours), you will see the same lock icon. If an initiative is public, you will see an "unlocked" icon, as shown below.


In addition, if the initiative or the need is private, this will be indicated by a "lock" icon.

About Private Needs from Advanced Events

Advanced-event needs appear in the My Teams area, but many of the features described here are not available for advanced-event need. In addition, if a team leader originally used a private advanced-event link (the "employee access link") to access the need, then they must use that private link return to the need description.

Editing Team Information

Once you have clicked Manage Team, you are taken to the team's Need Response page, which has three sections: Team MembersTeam Hours, and Team Information.

The following sections go into greater detail on each of these areas.

Team Members Management Area

This area displays a table of your team members.


Above the table are buttons for submitting team hours in bulk, emailing team members, and accessing the URLs for the "join link" and the team resume. The table below displays each team member's email address, first and last name, and leader status, along with options to add hours for individual team members, edit individual responses, delete individual members, surrender reserved slots, and add or remove team leader status for a team member. You can use the Table Filter to add columns to show each team member's volunteer hours and the status of each.

Submitting Team Volunteer Hours

You can submit volunteer hours on behalf of an individual team member, or you can submit volunteer hours for the whole team at once.

  • To submit hours for an individual team member, click the applicable hourglass icon under the Options heading. Once you have completed the Add Hours form that appears, click Submit Hour Entry.

    Note: Form fields include Date Worked, Hours Worked, Miles Traveled, and Description. If there are any custom hours-submission questions, you may need to answer them on the team member's behalf.

  • To submit hours in bulk, select team members using the check boxes to the left of each email address and click the Add Default Hours button above the table.

    Notes: To select all team members, mark the checkbox at the top of the column. "Default hours" refers to the number of hours specified for the need by the agency manager.

Emailing Your Team's Members

You can email individual team members, or you can send a message out to two or more team members at once.

  • To email a team member individually, click on a linked email address in the Email Column, complete the email message in the form that is displayed, and click Send Email.
  • To email team members in bulk, select the recipients using the check boxes to the left of each email address, click the Email Members button above the table, complete the email message form that is displayed, and click Send Email.
    Note: To select all team members, mark the checkbox at the top of the column.

Note: Team members will not be able to respond to you by clicking a Reply button in their email. If you want them to respond, be sure to include your email address in the body of the email. 

Changing Your Team's Size

You can delete team members and reserved slots at any time. You can also add team members as long as there are volunteer slots available for the need.

  • To delete a team member, click the applicable X in the Options column. Click Yes to confirm.
    When you delete a team member, they will be sent an "Unregistration Confirmed" message via email and in-app messaging.
  • To delete a reserved slot, click the Surrender a Reserved Spot button just below the Team Members section heading.
    Click Yes to confirm. The number of reserved slots (shown to the left of the button) decreases by one.
  • To add a team member, click the Add Team Member button.
    Complete the team-member sign-up form, and click Submit Member.
  • To recruit more team members, click the Copy Join Link button.
    This copies the "join link" to your clipboard. You can then send the link out to your friends, co-workers, and other colleagues, and they can click it to join your team.

Note: If potential team members don't already have an account on your Connect site, they will need to create an account in order to complete their need response and join your team.

Viewing Your Team Resume

The team resume is a PDF that displays your team's hours and responses in an attractive, easy-to-read format. The information shown is for the past six months. Only a team creator, team leader, or site manager can access the resume initially, but the link can be emailed to anyone to view.

To view your team's resume:

  1. Go to your My Teams area and click the applicable Manage Team link.
  2. Just above the Team Members table, click the Copy Resume Link button.
    This action copies the link for the team resume to your clipboard.
  3. Open a new tab and paste the link into your browser's address bar.

Your Connect site will now generate a PDF of the team resume. The resume displays the following information:

  • A "snapshot" showing the total team hours submitted, the number of team members, and the number of associated need responses (total reserved slots)
  • Graph showing number of team hours performed by month
  • Details of team responses (names of team members, along with any reserved, unoccupied team slots)
  • Details of team hours (dates the volunteer work was performed, number of hours per team member, miles traveled, and hours statuses)

Note: While you can save the PDF and make it available to anyone, keep in mind the privacy needs of your team members, and be aware that team members may not want their volunteer information, email address, and/or hours made available to anyone beyond the team leader and the site manager.

Editing a Team Member's Response Information

To edit a team member's information:

  1. Go the Team Members area of the My Teams page
  2. In the applicable row of the table of team members, click the Edit (pencil) icon.
  3. In the Edit Team Member form that is displayed, edit team-member details as applicable; click here to see what information can be edited.
  4. Click Submit Member

Table of Editable Team-Member Details

Detail Description
Email address If no email address was previously entered for the team member, you can add an email address.

Note: If there is already an email address in the Member Email field, it is considered a part of the user's profile, and you cannot edit their first name, last name, or email address. See "Note on replacing a team member" below.

User group If the team member belongs a user group in common with you, you can select or change their user group. If their response is already associated with a user group, you can change the response so that it is not associated with one.

Note: You can only see the user groups that you share with each team member. If they belong to other groups, you will not be able to see them in the Member User Group dropdown.

Answers to custom questions If there are any additional questions on the need-response form, you can edit the answers (or add answers yourself) on the team member's behalf.

Note on replacing a team member: If you wish to replace a registered team member with someone else, you must first delete the team member and then add the new one.

Changing the Team Leader (or Assigning a New One)

When first responding as a team, you must specify the first name, last name, and email address of a team leader. To add or change a team leader, mark or clear the applicable check boxes in the Leader column of the Team Members area.


There is no need to click a Submit button to save team-leader changes.

Team Hours Management Area

The Team Hours area features a table that lists all of your team members whose volunteer hours have been entered or submitted. By default, it shows the following information:

  • Team member's name and email address
  • Hours attributed to the team member
  • Status of the hours (pending, approved, denied, or entered)
  • Options to edit or delete the hours that have not yet been approved or denied

You can use the Table Filter to view further details (such as description, miles traveled, etc.) of the hours submissions.

Note: Use the Team Members table to add hours. That table also includes the option of displaying hours statuses. Click here to learn more. 

Editing Team Hours

You can edit a team member's hours as long as they still have a status of Entered or Pending. Once a member's hours have been approved or denied by a manager, they can no longer be edited.

To edit a team member's hours:

  1. In your My Teams area, scroll to the Team Hours table.
  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon in the applicable row.

    Note: This icon is not available for hours that have already been approved or denied.

  3. In the Edit Hours form that is displayed, make your edits as needed. Click here to see what information can be edited.
  4. Click Submit Hour Entry.

Table of Editable Hours Details

Detail Description
Date worked The date that the volunteer work was performed
Hours worked The number of hours worked; this field may be pre-populated by the default number of hours for the need.
Miles traveled The number of miles traveled
Description A description of the volunteer work; could include any additional notes you wish to add as a team leader. This field will be visible to the person responsible for approving the hours.
Answers to custom questions If your site includes additional questions regarding the hours submitted, you can edit or answer them on the team member's behalf.

Deleting Team Hours

You can delete a team member's hours as long as they still have a status of Entered or Pending. Once a member's hours have been approved or denied by a manager, they can no longer be deleted.

To delete a team member's hours:

  1. In your My Teams area, scroll to the Team Hours table.
  2. In the applicable row, click the X icon.
  3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Team Name and Description

You can change your team's name and description at any time. To do so, go to your My Teams area and scroll down to the Team Information section. Make changes to the Team Name and Team Description fields, and then click Update Team to save your changes.

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